Update - Revised Training Schedule Due to Tring Closure

UPDATE - 30th Aug 18

Primarily for Groups 3 to 8,

Just a reminder, as from this weekend 1st Sept we commence the new training schedule taking into account Tring closure.


Firstly I need to make two apologises;

1 – I did talk to a few of you recently and say that the schedule started next weekend, with all the discussions that have been ongoing I am having issues with dates at present!!

2 – After discussing with a number of people/groups and venues, we need to make a slight alteration to Group 5 start/end time on Saturday, the training session will now run from 07:15 to 09:00 so I hope this does not inconvenience you too much


When we were given the closure dates at short notice and we then needed to enact a plan accordingly, we wanted to let you know well in advance of the new schedule so you could plan the new term, but due to operational reasons we need to make a slight amendment. We are also battling a serious lack of additional pool time to cover this as well as a number of other constraints which does not make this process any easier, especially during the holiday period.

As we have also outlined, we wanted the changes affecting as few groups as possible, but this does not mean we will get it right first time, therefore once it has bedded in, we will be reviewing this and seeing how things are going.

We have also had some people mention that the 3 hour session for Groups 5 & 6 Sunday maybe a bit challenging for some. Geoff is planning the sessions so that we pace the training over the three hours. If swimmers are finding it difficult, then please get them to talk to the coach and if necessary exit early after these discussions.

Groups 5 & 6 are our top competitive groups and therefore if we had the pool time they would be training to this level, so please encourage your swimmer to give it ago, especially as we perceive come the end of the year they will then be asking themselves what they were concerned about and hopefully their swimming improves too laugh


As with any change, we always have to take a view looking at the whole club perspective, however if after giving it ago there are issues, please have a discussion with Geoff and we will see what we can do within the confines and impacts these may have.

Link to new schedule -  https://uk.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=erhbsc&_stabid_=156202

We should also know by 6pm Friday evening if the emergency repairs are complete at KJ and training will commence at KJ on Saturday.




As you are aware via previous emails, Tring pool is now closed until at least Monday 21st Jan 19.

This has a direct impact upon us as we have swimmers who train at Tring Pool on Wednesday evenings. Additionally, we are also trying to help Tring SC by utilising our spare capacity in our existing sessions.

After much discussion and negotiation with the pool providers, we can now announce the following changes to our training sessions, a few key points to understand as part of these changes.

1)      We have tried to keep changes minimal, so out of the 28 sessions we run, we have managed to change only 7. This is no mean feat considering the limited pool time we have available to us.

2)      We have tried to ensure that the number of hours each group normally swims is maintained, in two instances two groups have a very small amount of additional time.

3)      By assisting Tring in sharing some of our lane time, has not adversely affected our swimmers. Due to the attendance ratios of our sessions, we have some spare capacity that we have been able to offer to Tring.

4)      Finally, the changes below will take effect from Saturday 1st September. This does mean that we have not been able to provide replacement training times for those who would have swum on Wednesday 22nd Aug at Tring. As so many people are on holiday at present, we did not want to make the situation complicated, so sorry for those who have been affected.


Changes from Saturday 1st September 18

·         Group 3 on Sundays will now train at Knox Johnston from 16:45 to 18:15

·         Group 4 on Sundays will now train at Knox Johnston from 18:15 to 19:45

·         Group 5 on Sundays will now train at Berkhamsted Leisure Centre from 17:15 to 20:15

·         Group 6 on Sundays will now train at Berkhamsted Leisure Centre from 17:15 to 20:15

·         Group 6 will on Saturday morning start at 07:15 instead of 07:45 and will continue to 09:15

·         Group 7 will now swim on Mondays at Berkhamsted Leisure Centre from 18:30 to 20:00 and Sundays at Berkhamsted Leisure Centre from 17:15 to 18:45

Club 50s are planned to be held as usual at Berkhamsted Leisure Centre on 9th Sept, 4th Nov & 13th Jan and will also be offered to Tring SC as well as our planned Club Champs on 29th Sept.


We do appreciate that for some swimmers changing these times and locations will initially cause difficulty and we apologise for this, but as you will appreciate we need to look out for the Club as a whole and try and provide as much time as well as asking our coaches to cover these.

Please give this new schedule a chance and work with us, it will be monitored and if issues do occur, we will try and work around these.

Finally, on a number of sessions you will see Tring swimmers, please make them feel welcome and support them. Places have been assigned to their respective groups relevant to their capabilities. Additionally, you will also see Tring coaches jointly running sessions, or running a session on their own. We expect every swimmer to show them the same curtesy as they would our coaches. Geoff and Johnny Bradley (head coach of Tring) will be working closely to ensure that these session work for all.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any queries then please let Geoff or myself know.

New schedule can be found on our website at - https://uk.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?_stabid_=156202&team=erhbsc


Many thanks