Updated Timetable and Squad Criteria

Just to let everyone know that following on from Head Coach Noel's Welcome Letter of yesterday, there is an updated Squad Info Pack on the website, and a separate webpage with Detailed Timetables (including locations) and Squad Criteria.  New prices will be notified as soon as possible and will apply from 1 October. We are aiming to keep all price changes to a minimum, but most squad prices have been the same for two or three years now, and we are facing some large cost increases - so there will be some changes.  More to follow next week.   

Similarly there are a few changes in the timetable:-

  • PLATINUM Squad is offered an extra hour on Fridays, to better prepare Academy swimmers for the move to Junior Development.
  • Swim Fit Aylesbury has an extra 30 minutes on a Monday, and moves to Aquavale from the Stadium
  • Gold Squad Aylesbury moves an hour later  (7.30-8.30) at the Stadium on Mondays.  This was out of our control entirely, as the Stadium has had to make some changes to their timetable.   
  • National Squad train on Wednesdays instead of Sundays
  • Youth sprint train Monday morning instead of evening. 

If you spot any typos, boken or missing links, or other mistakes - please do Contact Us.  We really appreciate everyone helping us check.