Splash Gala series 2018


One of the most under appreciated feats in sport is the achievement of the competitive swimmer. No other sport requires the dedication and commitment of the competitive swimmer. To make it to the top, athletes like Michael Phelps trained 7 days a week, swimming 100 miles each week. This is the extreme, and young swimmers have to start somewhere. Even young Michael, who would you believe, hated water in his face when he was a small boy.

At Maxwell Swim Club we create the opportunity for swimmers to start their competitive swimming journey, and just joining Maxwell is a great achievement as our club has developed many swimmers who have gone on to compete at Olympic, International and National events.

Initial development of swimmers is through our Academy, which focuses on teaching young swimmers the skills they need to be successful. A fast turn, an extra kick under water, balance and streamlining learnt at a young age is key for the competitive swimmer who, once old enough to start developing body strength, will start to achieve the nearly impossible.

To support the development of the young swimmer Maxwell Swim Club run a development series of meets, called the Maxwell Splash Gala. The Splash Gala, held over three meets, encourages the young swimmers to compete in a safe and friendly environment surrounded by team mates and supported by their parents who volunteer at the meets, helping with timekeeping and judging.

This year's Splash Gala series was one of our biggest , with a total of 122 of our young swimmers competing to see who had the best skills. Points are awarded to the swimmers based on their skills with awards given for each meet, overall and best improvement between each meet and best improvement overall achieved over 50m in a variety of strokes.

This year's overall winner was Kara Clewlow, who finished with 398 points, just ahead of Bethany Chaplin-Stephens on 392 and Jake Branch on 388. Meet 1 was won by Clara White with 140 out of 142 points. A maximum 142 ensured Chale Cowles took top place in Meet 2 with Meet 3 being won by Jake Branch with 140 points.

The youngest of the swimmers compete over a shorter distance of 25m and the winner of Meet 1 was Christopher Booth with 78 points. Meet 2 bragging rights were won by Sophie Hurley who achieved a massive 80 points and Meet 3 went to James Gaston with a total of 74. Swimmers often start the series swimming over 25m but progressing before the end of series to 50m. Bethany Taylor was the overall winner of 25m category from James Gaston and Charlotte Richmond.

Success at in the Splash Gala is also measured based on the swimmers' improvement over the series. This year's winner overall was Gracie Simons, who improved from 94 in Meet 1 to 130  in Meet 3. Arav Kirtane was the most improved swimmer between Meet 1 and Meet 2 with a huge increase of 52 points and had been favourite for the overall title but could not make the final meet. Charlotte Hall showed the best improvement between Meet 2 and Meet 3, improving her score by 20 points.

Of the swimmers starting the series in the 25m section, 26 graduated to 50m class. The biggest improvements over the series were Alfie Toms, 82 points, Lara Jones and Olivia Skinner both with 66 points and Luke Stride with 62 points.

It’s fair to say everyone had a fantastic time and it was great to see so many of the parents supporting the gala. Congratulations to everyone who took part.