New Chiltern Lifestyle Centre

Chiltern District Council (CDC) is planning to build a new state-of-the-art leisure and community facility by the summer 2021 to replace the existing community centre and leisure facilities in Amersham, which includes increasing the size of the swimming pool from 6 to 8 lanes and also the area of the diving/teaching facility.

In November 2016 the Council undertook a public consultation to replace the Chiltern Pools and community buildings with a purpose built centre.  While supported by over 80% of the 2,386 responses, a number of key concerns were raised by the public. These included retaining the historic barns, re-providing the pre-school nursery, library and community hall, ensuring disabled access, increasing parking provision and maintaining the facilities whilst the centre is being constructed. The Council revised the proposed scheme to address these points.

Before the new Chiltern Lifestyle Centre proposal is submitted for planning permission, the Council is really keen to update residents of progress by showing them the latest plans.  There are display boards showing how we have got to this point at Chiltern pools Leisure Centre and also a new dedicated website which includes a ‘fly-through’ so you can see the new centre and its facilities graphically. Click here to access (

Having looked at the latest information about the new facility can you please complete a simple online question confirming if you are supportive of the proposal. It is really important as many residents as possible answer the question in order for the Council to gauge the level of support for the new facility. Click here for the online question (

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

Paul Nanji
Leisure & Community Manager

PS. There will be leaflets and information about this in the balcony at Club Champs, along with refreshments.