CABSC swimmers take part in Charity "Channel" Swim

Organised by Selecia and Matt Huckerby. CABSC coaches, parent and committee member. 

Following the sad death of my young cousin Ed my husband and I decided to organise a Sponsored swim to raise funds for a charity that he strongly supported. 

Don’t Lose Hope is a Mental health charity set up by Nik, the wife of Ed’s brother Dom. It is a community café with trained counsellors to provide support and a place to go for young people, families and men. 

Several CABSC swimmers took part in this event, the plan to swim the English Channel distance of 22 miles in an hour. 

20 swimmers including: Matt Huckerby Vicki Schinagl, Rosie Needham, The Curson family, Angela Jackson, James Kench from CABSC, completed the 22 miles in 50 minutes. 

Poolside was organised by Selecia Huckerby with support from Kath Needham. 

The other swimmers and poolside supporters were made up of family and friends. 

It was great fun to see everyone working together as a team to achieve this challenge; it also gave a lot of comfort to me and my family at this sad time. 

Over £1000.00 has been raised so far by this event. 

Nik, Dom and my family would like to say a massive thank you to all that supported us. 

If anyone wishes to donate please see Selecia or Matt Huckerby or follow the link. 

Many thanks 

Selecia Huckerby.