City of Plymouth - 14th October 2018

The final day of the City of Plymouth Meet at the Life Centre is on Sunday 14th October and we are looking forward to a another successful day of swimming. Jason, Brett and Philip will be coaching poolside and our Caradon Team Manager is Claire Rickards.

All swimmers who have been selected for the relays should arrive in time for the first session of the day.

Please ensure all swimmers:-

  • Arrive promptly for the sessions in which they are involved and to be ready for poolside briefings from the coaching team. Swimmers in the first session of the day should be in full club kit for arrival. Swimmers in later sessions should change and join the team on poolside in their Caradon T-shirt/Polo Shirt.
  • Bring a number of towels in order to stay dry between warm up and races.
  • Bring suitable clothing to keep warm in between races, the warmer their muscles are before racing the better they will function.
  • Race in a Caradon swimming hat. Should you not have one, please contact Alex Schlussas to obtain one in advance of the weekend.
  • Have suitable quantites of fluids and food with them for each session, as remaining hydrated is important. As we have a swimmer with a severe nut allergy, please take extra care when packing food and refrain from food items with nuts in them, thank you.
  • Items are named, or initialled, in order that items can be returned to their rightful owners in the event of things being misplaced.

Please note that swimmers will be released by the Coaching Team or a Team Manager and are then free to leave on completion of their final event on each day of the competition.

We look forward to a great weekend of racing with all the swimmers.   /var/folders/6d/8k4jjmjd6zl025kj215g4_y00000gn/T/ #Teamcaradon  /var/folders/6d/8k4jjmjd6zl025kj215g4_y00000gn/T/

Sunday 7th October - Arrive 11.00am - all relay swimmers must arrive for the start of this session
  • Session 5 Warm Up 11.30 - Racing begins at 12.00
  • No timings have been provided for Session 6
From the City of Plymouth Organisors A copy of the programme will be sent out shortly, there will be no programmes for sale.