Arena League Round 1 2018

A great team performance last night at the first round of the Arena League 2018.  The team travelled to Newmarket to compete against very strong teams from Northampton A, City of Norwich, Louth, Melton Mowbray and Newmarket.  Mark was pleased to see skills being applied to racing and we need to continue our focus on these as we move forward to the next round in November.  Many swimmers were competing out of age group particularly in the 15 under category and the original team selection had many changes due to injury.  In the week before the competition, Will Halstead sustained an injury to his hand and Noor was admitted to hospital just hours before the competition started.  Big thanks to Ruby who stepped in as the coach was about to leave, making her Arena debut along with Sam, Toby, Jensen, Bronwyn and our oldest recruit Joe Leveridge! We also welcomed Frankie Ward to the team who has recently joined us.  Northampton dominated the lead from the start but we battled away with hosts Newmarket for 3rd place position and just pipped them by 4 points.   Thanks to all our poolside volunteers and our team of supporters.  A great team performance from all our Stingrays.  Let's focus now on Round 2.