2018 - T30 swims...

Message from Dougal Lumby (BPSC Masters Representative):

This is traditionally the time of year when we complete our T30 swims, a thirty minute swim where the distance covered is recorded.

This year it would be great if we could combine our T30’s with a sponsored swim to raise money for a local charity. We will be asking for a donation of £5 to take part in the event and for those willing to go the extra mile, there is also a sponsor form. All monies raised from our efforts will be donated to a local charity.

The charity I had in mind is ‘The North London Hospice’ but if anyone has any other suggestions for a local charity please let me know.

This year, because of work commitments, I will be unable to do as much swim recording so we will need volunteers to pitch in.  During November, if we could have swims completed on Sundays and Wednesdays, then that should give people enough opportunity to take part.

Hopefully as a club, we can do our bit and raise some money for charity. Those of you who wish to enter your distances with SwimEngland, please do so.