WWC - Fuerteventura 2018

Fuerteventura - Day 7

The ominous clouds loomed over the horizon as our final, yet wondrous day, on camp commenced. We unwillingly awoke at the repetitive annoyance of the alarm’s screeching chime. Mother Nature decided to greet us with a burst of crackling thunder. But we, as the metal-tough young athletes we are, decided that Mother Nature was no match for us! We dived gracefully into the freezing cold Olympic pool with an immediate flurry of fast kicking. As this session drew to a close...WHAM!! A bolt of lighting suddenly struck the mountain, far in the distance. We quickly jumped out to get changed, ready to eat breakfast.

Following our swim, we enjoyed a large selection of food at breakfast including pancakes and a lot of chocolate sauce. Many of us hoarded barrels of pancakes to scoff, with our bowls filled to the brim with Nutella. In our restitution and relaxation period, we enjoyed a binge of the Disney channel to calm our nerves for the monstrous Olympic challenge to come. As the clocks struck 12, we met in the lobby to go and enjoy a poorly played game of volleyball followed by football, on the sandy beeches of the Playitas Resort. Lunch was mediocre but at least it gave us the energy, the fuel, the sustenance that we truly needed in order to energise for the gruelling challenge that awaited us. 

The Olympic Challenge. Every Olympic event, swam in under 1hour 30minutes. Jack came up with the clever idea of picking events out of a hat, to increase the challenge and mix in the element of chaos. It was just our luck that the 200m fly was the second to last event! After the fly, Will announced that “my arms feel like they’re about to burst.” We ended with a bunch of relays, with Lane 1 coming out victorious. Lee then showed us how to dive as he executed a streamline entry through the surface of the pool and swam a “maximum distance per stroke” (sprint cough cough) 50m breaststroke. We enjoyed the final dinner of the week with platefuls of chips across the dinner table (Except for Joseph Buxton, he’s weird). We then left to finish our packing and relax as the moonlight shone through our windows, calling us to sleep

And with this final blog post of RSC WWC at Fuerteventura 2018 written, we bid you farewell. We hope you have enjoyed following our story. We should be home to greet parents with open arms tomorrow! 

- Nikolai, Joseph, Silas

PS: Happy Birthday Mum! I hope you’ve had a great day! (Nikolai)



Fuerteventura - Day 6

Woke up to a clap of thunder and started to pray hell had been postponed.

The soothing melody of ocean man by ween bought me to my consciousness and a faint ching alerted me to my fate - “over cooked Mountain Dew” l screamed as it became clear I would be finessed.


As slid down to the pool I sprayed myself with factor 50 that vigorously clung to dirt as I pre activated against the poolside.


As I embraced the arctic liquid containing 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen per molecule, i wanted a full body collapse that would cause failure to my internal organs, only to see some spooky clouds which went wham and spoookled me. We then quickly exited the thiccc liquid container and then proceeded to breakfast (with my mobile hydration station) to consume the energy that would break my fast.


Later on  gym began and we started to melt at the end of the set the gym mats could be compared to slip and slides covered in butter and banana skins. The consumption at midday was NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We now proceeded towards the session in which are closest star is almost set towards the West equinox. During the session the neutron star sent downs 2 rainbows which the rain helped produce. I enjoyed them because they had pretty colours.


Then the final consumption period at the full revolution of the planet we reside on was completed with a mountain of bolognese and burnt corn which decided not to pop, and so was fed to the plants. This was illusive due to the need of foooooooooood. A few 60 times the most common unit of time by the Système international passed by like a blur.


Then a storm struck down on us seeming it had the power of a Black Friday shopper. The lightning powered down on the mountains around us with thin shiny bolts of yellow ,that looked like the spaghetti I didn’t eat, until eventually he got tired, and like us went to bed.

- Will, Rory and James


Fuerteventura - Day 5

The Truth - Fuerteventura 2018

We woke at the 7th hour of the 24th October 2018. Breakfast was mediocre and then we headed off to the dreaded pool where we started a decent stroke set. We then headed back to our safe houses to rest and recover. Then we popped over to the hotel and ate lunch which was a pleasant meal until thoughts of spin class loomed ominously above us. We got to the spin class dry and in good spirits, but we left soaked in sweat, blood and tears. Especially Rory who looked as though he had just gone for a swim. Legs burning, we hobbled back to our rooms for a quick water slide break before returning to the pool. Thankfully the session wasn’t too bad, although there was a lot of sprinting. The highlight of the session was when the more athletic coach, Cat elegantly leaped off the blocks and swam perfectly down the lane whilst Mister "I can’t find any trunks that fit me" Mallinson watched on in awe. We then ate dinner and braced ourselves for the storm. Which some swimmers, naming no names, thought would kill them. Find out if we live tomorrow!


P.S: Love you mum xxx


Signed: The Honest Press (Alfie, George and Naveen)


Fuerteventura - Day 4

After Daisy forgot to set her alarm, we ran down to breakfast to join the others. Thankfully we were only 20 minutes late. For breakfast we had churros covered in nutella as well as eggs, bacon and fruit. Next we went to the pool for the first session of the day- it was a horrible IM set and we all ached. Then we had nearly 2 hours of free time where some of us slept, some went to the shop, some socialised in other people’s rooms and some went on the water slide. And some went to hospital. Harriet Seaton took a trip to hospital due to suspected concussion after hitting her head on the wall doing backstroke! It took almost an hour for the paramedics to get her on the stretcher and to hospital but, thankfully, she was alright in the end and became besties with the translator. Then we had lunch and stuffed ourselves full because that had to keep us going through land training and the afternoon session. In land, the girls were taken by Cat and the boys by Dan. Cat’s session was a circuit of mainly core exercises which left the girls sweaty and in ALOT of pain. Next we had half an hour of free time and then headed to the pool again. But, instead of swimming, we were given the option (or lucky enough to be chosen) to go on a long walk to rest a little bit and let our muscles recover from training. We walked up an extinct volcano and it was really great fun! We took some amazing pictures, left traces of RSC 2018 by making letters and numbers out of stones and helped each other get up as well as down. The sun was just setting behind the other mountains as we reached the top so it was a brilliant view. Alfie was our “hero for the wrong reasons” on the way down: he made it to the bottom then ran back up halfway to help the last of us down. However, he told us he was only there because we would have taken years if he had left us- hence “wrong reasons”. We finished the walk by doing some sprints along the beach where the last person to the opposing side of the goal posts had to do a forfeit of 10 press ups. It was a laugh. We also played bull dog on the beach. Then it was time for dinner! It wasn’t the best night of food but the ice cream pulled it back. Day 3 of lads on tour. Check!

- Daisy Lovegrove, Emma Fleming, Harriet Jackman




Fuerteventura - Day 3

At the crack of dawn of the twenty second  day of the tenth month we arose from our slumber. The sudden xylophone ringing of our alarm sounds through the room. ‘Just five more minutes’ we think. But no. It’s time for our breakfast. Breakfast was a vast array of interesting and exotic foods coming from the full span of the globe. We personally just stick with cereal, fruit and yogurt.

After breakfast it’s a quick walk to the pool in the morning sun, which is followed by the swift application of sun cream. Then it’s time for pre-pool, assisted by a fine selection of tunes on the portable speaker. Now it is time for the inevitable grind to begin.

We are feeling pretty tired and a little sore this morning - however - we are Reading and we always go hard. It’s a tough two hours, but we struggle through and emerge on the other side better athletes. The weather is rather grey now, which is a bit of a shame, but it is still very warm so it is a pleasurable stroll back to the apartment complex.

We have an hour of recovery time in our own rooms, which we use primarily for sleeping, followed by an hour of free time. We then amble up to the hotel area of the resort for our lunch - another excellent and filling meal.

After lunch we get another hour of free time. This hour a few of us spend a bit of relaxation time down at the beach, allowing us to rest with the gentle sound of crashing waves in the background.

Next up is a fun game of 12-a-side volley ball, with some interesting results. Eventually we look like we have picked up some level of proficiency! However, towards the end of the match the heavens opened and the water came pouring down upon our heads. This meant we had to end and vacate to a nearby shelter.

We then started the pre - pool for session two and got on with the session. Many of us are feeling much better by this point and put in a great shift. The session is especially exciting as we get to swim in the dark with underwater lights and flood lights. Six-time Olympic medalist László Cseh is in the lane next to us, but struggles to keep up...

After the session, we are pretty knackered and very hungry so we briskly saunter down to the restaurant for our final meal of the day.

After a quick chat in the lobby we are back to our rooms for some well earned rest.

What a fantastic, fun day we have had, and although very tired, we look forward to the rest to the next day. It’s been tough and will get tougher but we strive for the next challenge and are excited at the ‘golden opportunity’ (as Lee would say) to become better athletes.


Jack and Jacob


Fuerteventura - Day 2

Hi everyone! It's Harriet Seaton, Susanna DeMaio and Megan Phillipps on the blog for Day 2 of #ladsontour 

Last night we learned that trying to fit three people on two single beds pushed together is not a very good idea and we wouldn't recommend doing this! Unfortunately for Harriet, she had a traumatic experience when she fell through the crack between the two beds at 2am! After the alarm only woke up Megan, Harriet and Susanna were rudely awoken by being shaken awake by her! As we trotted down to breakfast, we noticed the absence of our ROLE MODEL; Lee Mallinson decided to skip the most important meal of the day because he "needed to work". After breakfast, we headed down to the 50m pool (#don'tforgetyourfactor50) and we swam a monstrous 7.5km. However the two hours spent in the pool were worth it for the tan!

After almost dying, we went back to our rooms to rest and then to sunbathe. Lunch was great (including some chocolate cakes that we had to hide from Lee and we got away with!). After lunch and logbooks completed, we made our way to the dreaded gym, where Lee did some amazing demos of exercises we were doing - it was mad! Beaten up, we went to the pool for our second session of the day. The changes in the light were unreal and as the light faded, day two of #ladsontour drew to a close.



Fuerteventura - Day 1 - Orientation

We all met at Rivermead at 3am, it was chilly but we were all very excited. We got on the coach ready for the hour and a half journey to London Luton Airport. Once getting off the coach and arriving at Luton we unpacked our bags from the coach and went inside to the baggage check in.

We arrived so early at 4:30am that we didn’t even have a check in spot on the board, so we decided to chill out; some of us got breakfast bars and others got Starbucks coffee. After checking in we were all ready to go through security, but some of us got stopped. Silas Mendez, one of our older swimmers got stopped because he did not realise inside his pencil case were these giant scissors!! 

The flight was fairly smooth but it seemed to last for so long. As we landed we could see the sea and we were all relieved but happy to be off the plane. We went to collect our bags and all was successful apart from Becca loosing a wheel from her suitcase!! We eventually got on the bus and drove through the extinct volcanos/ mountains and arrived at Las Playitas Resort.

We arrived around 2pm and despite going to the wrong side of the hotel, we were quick to get our keys and went straight to our rooms to change and go to lunch. After a long chat from Lee about ‘Recovery’ and ‘the processes’ we all got changed and went straight to the fun pools. 

We all went on a long water slide tonnes of time, and with many crashes and near-misses nearly falling off a few times, we had loads of fun.

Next, we all legged it down to the black-sanded beach and ungracefully dived into the warm sea. After spending ages in there, we went straight back to the pool, while some of the girls sunbathed and the others had a mad rave in the pool.

To finish off the day, some of us went to watch the Liverpool game and then we went to dinner. 

We went to dinner at 8pm and it was a buffet. We all went straight up and put as much protein on our plates as possible from the talk that we had with Lee explaining that needed to keep our protein levels up. Some of us even had the pleasure of having the fish; it even came completely filled with bones.

For dessert we all got some ice cream with everyone getting confused as the banana ice cream (which was pretty much the same colour as the vanilla) was labelled vanilla. Unfortunately Lee wouldn’t let us have our phones at night so we had to hand them in before bed. This means we will get a wake-up call from him as our alarm in the morning, something to look forward to - Becca McMenemy, Grace Erbetta, Elin Anfield and Becca Saunders

Saturday - 20/10/2018