Finalised Timings and Other Information re The Royals New Year Meet 2019

With just under a week to go before our meet, I would just like to remind parents or swimmers to please let me know during the course of this week if a swimmer is unable to compete in any events over the course of the 4 sessions so I can officially withdraw them before the weekend.  Empty lanes mean that the swimmer allocated to that heat and lane failed to withdraw in time.  Empty lanes can have a negative impact upon the performance of other swimmers and, therefore, we would either prefer to fill the lane with a time trial or reorganise the heats accordingly.  By reducing lanes, we can also reduce the number of heats which potentially means an earlier finish time each day.  Withdrawals can be e-mailed to me at up until 6.00 p.m. on Friday, 4th January

Withdrawals after the above deadline or on the day should be made by completing the Withdrawal Form and handing it to the Withdrawal Desk which will be located beside the Entrance Desk to the Viewing Gallery.  Please note that all withdrawals should be made BEFORE the Warm Up.  Any withdrawals made AFTER the warm up has started cannot be processed as seeding will already have been completed and the appropriate heat sheets will be in the process of being printed.
We will be offering Time Trials on the day at a cost of £7.00 for 50m, 100m and 200m events and £8.50 for 400m events.  Time trials can be booked at the Entrance Desk to the Viewing Gallery.
Please also find attached a revised Finalised Timings Programme of Events showing specific warm up and start times for Sessions 2 and 4, together with the projected finish times for each day. 
It would be helpful if parents could encourage swimmers to put whatever belongings they can in lockers.  Please remind swimmers the lockers require a £1 coin which is refundable.
If there are any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at:-
or on my mobile: 07920 012361.   Please be aware that mobile phone reception is very poor in the Xcel Centre so messages on the day may not potentially get through to me (although I will try to go outside before each session in an attempt to pick up any last minute messages).
A full list of Accepted Entries can be located by clicking on the blue link
Good luck!