Club Performance Gala 19th Jan Volunteer Request


Please see a message from Keith below:

To all parents who plan to attend the Club Performance Gala on 19th January:

The gala needs the help of a number of volunteers, experienced and non-experienced to ensure the gala runs smoothly, so if you can offer any of your valuable time then please contact me with your preferred role?

 All roles are arranged so you can see your children swim, so please don’t think that volunteering means that you won’t see them swim.








Refreshments 1




Refreshments 2


Official 1 (Referee)

 Tracey Roberts

Marshall 1


Official 2


Marshall 2


Timekeeper 1


Marshall 3


Timekeeper 2


Marshall 4


Timekeeper 3


Marshall 5


Timekeeper 4


Marshall 6


Timekeeper 5


Marshall 7


Timekeeper 6


Changing Room Marshall 1


Results Recorder 1


Changing Room Marshall 2


Results Recorder 2


Ribbons 1


Results Recorder 3


Ribbons 2


Runner 1




Runner 2




Runner 3




 Your help is appreciated, without it the galas cannot take place.

 Apart from the Official 1 and 2 roles, the main requirement is enthusiasm and a smile.



Keith Horn

(Volunteer Coordinator)


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