P1/P2 Training changes 8/9th Jan
Stantonbury pool is still currently being fixed (last nights repairs didn’t completely work). We are unsure as to whether tonight will be warmer but remain hopeful.

AG1 train will be at Leon 7.30-8.30pm Tues to ensure a swim today after the AM was cancelled.

Tues PM P1&2 session is on as normal, swimmers must report to poolside to be registered. A swim session will take place dependant on conditions and land work will also be delivered to 4.15-6.30pm. (Swimmers should bring gym wear).

The P1&2 session Weds AM will be at Bletchley 6-7.30am. (Stantonbury cancelled) this will mean we are guaranteed to get skill content in.

Please continue to check emails prior to travel.