Following the successful introduction last season of the On-Line system for Gala Entry, we would like to thank everyone for getting on board with this new method and helping to streamline the efficiency of entry processing for the benefit of all concerned.

However, this in turn has led to some problems with regard to the collection of entry fees. Whilst we appreciate there is no deliberate intention to not make the required payment on time, unfortunately the continual chasing up of unpaid entry fees for both Home and Away Meets is causing a lot of unnecessary volunteer time that needs to be addressed this coming season.

It is worth reminding everyone that the Club pay in full for the entire team entry for away Open Meets at the time of submission to the Host Club and whilst swimmers making payment at point of entry does cause a bit of an administrative headache if refunds for rejected swims are necessary, we do require payment to be made as soon as an ‘Accepted’ entry list is published on the website. Therefore, it will now be necessary for us to check all payments have been received 7 days prior to any Gala and any swimmer not having made their payment will not be allowed to take part. You will appreciate we have no control over Away Meets and your fee will be due for this whether you attend or not.  Withdrawals advised prior to the Meet are as a courtesy to the Host Club in order that they are not running with empty lanes and the WSSC coaches are not looking for an absent competitor however these events must still be paid. WSSC do not receive any refunds for 'No Shows'. In terms of Home Galas any swimmer not having made their payment will not be allowed to compete.

The Club would prefer to receive all payments for entry fees via BACS (cheques will only be accepted by those with no access to on-line banking please as receipt of these is much more difficult to keep track of). Please ensure however that you make payment to the Gala A/C: Sort Code 20-16-12 / Account No: 10106593 – this is different to the A/C to which your standing order for training fees is sent. Payments which are sent to the incorrect account cause issues for us when recording and confirming receipt and will more than likely mean that you will receive a reminder for non-payment when you have in fact already paid.

This should be clearly referenced with the ‘name of Gala’ for ease of identification. Swimmer name is only required if different from Account holder. Please make a separate payment for each Gala however payment for siblings in a single payment is acceptable.

All this information is available on the website under the ‘Events’ tab, should you need to be reminded at any time.

Please also be advised that all events entered must be paid in full, if you choose to withdraw from any event for whatever reason, refunds are NOT available unless on medical grounds and then only at the Promoters discretion. This also applies to Home Galas.

Gala volunteers spend a lot of time in planning and organising events, so we would ask that members ensure cut-off deadlines are adhered to. As a Club we will endeavour to publish timely reminders in order that members/parents are prompted to make entries and payments on time so that all our swimmers can continue to develop and achieve in competitive swimming. Regular monitoring of the website news items is strongly recommended, not all updates and information are sent by newsletter.

Once again, we would urge all parents of swimmers new to the Club to take the time to read the ‘ Competition Guide. Admittedly a slightly lengthy document but it does provide an insight into the world of competitive swimming and may answer some of those questions you may have. For those of you unable to access this link, it is available on the website under the ‘Events’ tab.

Thank you for your continued support.