Club Championships 2018/19

Each year the Club puts together a series of Club Championships (Club Champs) across all strokes and various distances. Along with Club 50s, this is also introduction to our younger swimmers into the world of competitive swimming. This also provides a friendly and supportive environment, for swimmers to compete internally.

We have taken the feedback we received from swimmers and parents from last year and further adapted this years Club Champs.

At the end of the Club Champs series, at the Awards Evening (normally held later November), each young swimmer is awarded a medal for coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their age group, stroke and distance (up to age 10 for the first Club Champs they enter in this years series), and everyone else receives a certificate. Those who have topped their age group also receive a trophy.

From an individual perspective, the way in which these series of Club Champs are scored uses the Club BAGCATs scoring system to associate points to times/strokes/distances. The more strokes and distances your swimmers enters, the more points they get.

Again this year it has been difficult to schedule events due to the continued revision of County/Regional/National time tables and fitting in between the various meets in the first half of the year. We will also be looking to utilise other training sessions to get all the races in.

To achieve this, the Club has therefore taken the opportunity to participate in others and run our own events.

The series currently looks like the follwoing;

Club Champs Session 1 - Fly Fest at Hemel Hempsted - Sept 18

Club Champs  Session 2 - 800m Girls & 1500m Boys Freestyle at Hoddesdon - Nov 18

Club Champs Session 3 - Saturday 9th March 19 - 25m Breaststroke & Freestyle (Groups 1 & 2 only), 50m Backstroke, 100m Individual Medley & 200m Freestyle , plus special all swimmer team event

We are looking at the schedule and plan to do the following, dates to be confirmed;

Club Champs Session 4 - Early April 19 - 800m Freestyle at a Sunday evening training session

Club Champs Session 5 - Saturday 27th April 19 -  Races to be confirmed, plus special all swimmer team event

Club Champs Session 6 - Early May 19 - 1500m Freestyle at a Sunday evening training session

We are also hoping to fit in some longer races i.e. 200m and or 400m events where we can find a slot.


The times for each Saturday Club Champs will be from around 15:45 to 20:00 and will most likely be at Knox Johnston pool.

We are then planning to have the Club Awards Evening in late Nov 19, date and venue to be confirmed.

The focus at these Club Champs like last year is to get everyone involved and make this more of a team event, to establish a team ethos as well as getting swimmers from all age groups to get to know each other better. This will be achieved as follows;

  1. For the Saturday Sessions;
    • A selection of distances and strokes to be swum to cater for all levels of swimmer and age groups per event, this may not be the case for every Club Champs i.e. 800m & 1500m, but we will not stop any swimmer from trying these distances out, what have they got to lose.
    • From all those that commit for each Club Champs, swimmers will be randomly placed in one of six teams, selected in a round robin using one of three groups (Groups 1 & 2, Groups 3 & 4, Groups 4,5,6,7 & 8)
    • These teams will be headed up by each one of our Club Captains, who will pick the teams randomly from these 3 groups, therefore ensuring a mixture of swimmers in each team
    • The aim of each team is to amass as many points as possible for the team by participating in the events
    • A "mad dash" event for the whole team will take place at the end, with every swimmer participiating.The "mad dash" event will vary on every Saturday meet, but in summary the team will have to swim more lengths than this is swimmers in each team. Additional lengths will have to be swum by any swimmer, except our senior group, so some strategy and logistics will need to occur within the team. It will be a 25m water based obstacle course and/or carrying race, something that everyone can do and is fun!!!
    • Each team/swimmer will be presented with a small prize based on where their team came
  2. The individual times achieved by each swimmer at all the Club Champs will count towards the Club Champs Awards in November

Scoring for Saturday Sessions;

  1. To try and balance out the levels of swimming, events entered and number of swimmers, a form of handicapped BAGCATs will be used
  2. At the start of the meet, the BAGCATs scores for each swimmer's entry times will be added up per team
  3. The difference between each team will then be used as a handicap and added to their score as an initial value, so 5 teams will initially get points
  4. At the end of the meet, the points will be added up each team based on the time they achieved, therefore an improvement in their time will mean more points
  5. The winning team will be the team with the highest score at the end of the event
  6. For swimmers who do not yet have entry times for the races entered, the coaches will assign an initial time based on their experience and knowledge of the swimmer


Unfortunately, these Club Champs will not be licensed as we still do not have enough qualified officials to run this as a licensed meet.

Obviously to run each one of these Club Champs, we will be heavily reliant upon parents to help, so when we open up an event for the swimmers and volunteers to register, please do so.

We have set a minimum of the Saturday Club Champs with 65 swimmers and 28 volunteers needed to have committed for us to run the meet. Failure to achieve this will mean we will cancel all subsequent Club Champs.

If anyone has any further ideas or feedback, then please contact Steve at