Important Message from Promoter re Surreys at LAC this Weekend

I have been advised by the Promoter of the following information in relation to Week 2 of the Surreys:-

  • We will have a credit card capability at the entrance so that you can pay by contact-less card or Chip and Pin.  This should be faster and more convenient for you all.
  • Cash will also be taken and we would appreciate the exact payment please.
  • Entry this weekend is £5 per person.  Under 16 children are free.
  • There is a sign-in process this weekend and the tables will be on poolside by the timing suite.  Swimmers need to arrive early enough to change and sign-in before the start of the warm up.
  • Non-Tech Officials and coaches who have already collected their poolside pass at SSP must remember to bring it with them!  Those who are volunteering for the first time, your pass will be available at the entrance.  Please remind all your volunteers and coaches that they need to have applied for a pass before Saturday.  No pass, no access to poolside, no exceptions.
  • Please can you remind your spectators that they are NOT permitted to bring food into the LAC.  It will be confiscated at the entrance door during the bag search.  There is a cafe on the ground floor and coffee stations at the top of the seating.