ZEON shop open!!!

smileyAnyone wanting to order the official club t-shirt, please head to the Zeon shop now smiley 

If you are a competitive swimmer eg. enter open meets and/or get invited to compete in leagues* for the club, you are expected to wear the official ADSC t-shirt and hat (Dolphins and above). We would also prefer all those intending to compete in the Club Championships this year to wear the ADSC t-shirt & hat.

* from 1st June 2019 all swimmers competing on behalf of the club at invitational leagues will be expected to wear the official ADSC t-shirt and hat.

Zeon shop will close on 31st March and will not be open again until September 2019. 


Becky Shayler
Kit-Alton & District SC

(If you require an ADSC training hat, please contact me directly. New club racing hats will be available in the near future.)