Romford Town SC Non-Regional Qualifiers Gala - Accepted Entries

 Romford Town SC Non-Regional Qualifier gala - April 2019 accepted entries. ( click here)

Further information i.e warm up times etc ( please click here)

Dear All,
Thank you for entering our Non - Regional Qualifiers Meet. The management team at Sapphire have asked that have asked that we use the lockers to store our big pool bags. The lockers use £1 which is refundable.
Please find attached the confirmed entry information document which includes the warm up times, lane allocation for warm ups and session times. Please note that the session times for S3 & S4 are likely to change as we are struggling to find officials for Sunday so this means that we would have to run the meet as 6 lanes instead of 8 lanes to ensure that we meet the minimum licensing requirements. 
So please if you have officials that can help out on Sunday then please do let me know as the a the success of any gala is reliant on the officials. Subject to having sufficient officials on the day we will try to accommodate mentoring at our meet so please do let me know if any of your trainees would like a mentored session.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.
Once again I thank you for supporting our meet and I am looking forward to an enjoyable weekend for all with lots of fantastic swims plus pbsBlush