Beachfield Change of Events and Session Times


Initial session time projections indicated that we were going over the max permitted 3 hours in session 2 significantly, hence I have had to change the programme very slightly by moving event 9 (boys’ 100m Free) into session 1, where we had a bit of time to spare, and out of session 2. Hence session 1 is now events 1-9 (not 1-8) and session 2 is now events 10-18 (not 9-18). Apologies to anyone adversely affected. Please let me know if any swimmer wishes to withdraw and requires a refund due to this change by June 6th. The session timings remain the same as before.


Revised programme (change in red):

Session 1: Sign in 10.30am; Warm Up 10.30am; Start 11.30am.


1. Boys’ 200m IM

2. Girls’ 200m IM

3. Boys’ 50m Breaststroke

4. Girls’ 50m Breaststroke

5. Boys’ 100m Backstroke

6. Girls’ 100m Backstroke

7. Boys’ 50m Butterfly

8. Girls’ 50m Butterfly

9. Boys’ 100m Free


Session 2: Sign in 2.30pm; Warm Up (about 2.30pm); Start (about 3.30pm).


(9. Boys’ 100m Free – moved to session 1)

10. Girls’ 100m Free

11. Boys 50m Back

12. Girls 50m Back

13. Boys’ 100m Butterfly

14. Girls’ 100m Butterfly

15. Boys’ 50m Free

16. Girls’ 50m Free

17. Boys’ 100m Breaststroke

18. Girls’ 100m Breaststroke



End about 6.30pm