Masters fight valiantly at Erith

While the cubs battled at Crystal Palace, a select group of the old grizzleys attended the Erith Masters Meet this last Sunday.  With the team consisting Lucy Marchant, Alex Punnett, George Carter and Jason Meers, in Masters’ terms, only Jason was old enough to wear long trousers!  Despite some gutsy performances from all our team, in the end, those coveted PBs proved allusive and we had to settle for a bunch of swims in the “mildly rubbish” category.  Still, we came, see saw, we took part, and we will return next year older and wiser (well older anyway).

We look forward now to the Kent Masters where we anticipate improving on our mildly rubbish benchmark.  Bromley Masters desperately needs some new blood (or even different old blood), so if your swimming meets the mildly rubbish criteria, or if you aspire to be in that category, please contact us.  We guarantee a good friendly atmosphere, and your swimming may improve too….