2019 Cranleigh summer meet

2019 Cranleigh summer meet

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the Cranleigh summer meet last Sunday.

We had a very successful meet with PBS achieved in 61 out of the 77 swims. 7 of our swimmers attained PBS in all of their events, a special mention to Jack Clements who did so in all nine of his events! Over half of the swims resulted in a medal with 19 gold, 17 silver and 8 bronze.


  • Josh Astbury; 50 back, 50 fly, 50fc, 100IM and 200fc.
  • Ffion Davies; 200fc Maddy Burr; 50back, 200back.
  • Ana Lane; 50 fly.
  • Daniel Metzgen; 50 back, 50 fly.
  • Ernie Hill; 100IM.
  • Max Morgan; 50 fly, 50 brs, 50fc, 200brs, 100IM and 200fc.
  • Alyssa Zee; 50 fly.


  • Josh Astbury; 400fc.
  • Ffion Davies; 50 back, 200IM
  • Maddy Burr; 50fly, 200IM, 50fc and 100IM.
  • Daniel Metzgen; 200IM Max Morgan; 200IM.
  • Jack Clements; 50bk, 200brs and 100IM.
  • Noah Hagberg; 200bk, 50 brs and 200brs.
  • Max Schuberth; 50fc, 200fc.


  • Maddy Burr; 50brs, 200brs.
  • Daniel Metzgen; 200brs.
  • Ernie Hill; 50bk, 50fly.
  • Jack Clements; 50fly.
  • Desmond Zee; 50fly.
  • Max Schuberth; 50br.

Full results are now available on the Cranleigh website.

Well done to all swimmers and coaches, we are truly a quality over quantity club! Keep working!