Club Night - 800m Free Jun 19

As outlined by Geoff, competitions are not just about the short distances, but also the 800's and 1500's, especially as these days our female athletes can now do both at all levels.

These may look challenging at first but once you get into the routine of the stroke, the laps just fly by.

We had 47 swimmers attend on Sunday 9th June and all appeared to enjoy themselves.

Hats off to our two gutsy swimmers from Group 1 - Alessandro Partridge and Isabella Snowden, AND Group 2 - Alana Van Deventer, Emily Head, Kate Hopper and Luca Greene, who managed to finish and got a great cheer and applause from those on poolside, well done to all of you, exceptional, puts some of our older swimmers to shame wink

We also had some Master swimmers attending and credit to them too.

There were also a number of swimmers new to this event young and older and although there was some initial trepidation, once they had done it we hope they got a sense of achievement, 1500m next on 14th July yes so please sign up now to compete and help.

Finally thank you to all our volunteers who helped, which i say time and time again, without which we could not do these events for your athletes. We even bought band new lap counters shipped over from the USA (if you have 10 mins ask me about this, nightmare trying to get these!!).

Finally we will be providing awards at the November Awards Evening for both gender and age groups for this and the 1500m event in July.

Again many thanks and I do hope all your athletes and volunteers enjoyed it.

Steve & Geoff


p.s. big thanks to Geoff for manually keying in ALL the splits


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