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Junior League rankings after Round 1

A fabulous result for Keynsham in the first round of the Junior League - see the league rankings after round one below. Great team spirit, a lot of hard work from all, and Kay and the team's focus on skills development really starting to pay off. Details of the second round will be on the events page shortly.

1ˢᵗ place is 'Poole' (lane 11) with 974 points
2ⁿᵈ place is 'Plymouth Leander' (lane 10) with 917 points
3ʳᵈ place is 'Swim Bournemouth A' (lane 16) with 879 points
4ᵗʰ place is 'Bristol Penguins' (lane 3) with 822 points
5ᵗʰ place is 'Swindon Dolphin' (lane 19) with 795 points
6ᵗʰ place is 'Cirencester' (lane 5) with 767 points
7ᵗʰ place is 'Keynsham' (lane 8) with 736 points
8ᵗʰ place is 'Exeter' (lane 7) with 719 points
9ᵗʰ place is 'Severnside' (lane 13) with 601 points
10ᵗʰ place is 'West Dorset ' (lane 21) with 586 points
11ᵗʰ place is 'Seagulls' (lane 12) with 547 points
12ᵗʰ place is 'Marlborough Penguins' (lane 9) with 496 points
13ᵗʰ place is 'Weymouth' (lane 22) with 490 points
14ᵗʰ place is 'Devonport Royal' (lane 6) with 474 points
15ᵗʰ place is 'Swim Bournemouth B' (lane 17) with 461 points
16ᵗʰ place is 'Southwold' (lane 15) with 454 points
17ᵗʰ place is 'Chard' (lane 4) with 450 points
18ᵗʰ place is 'South Dorset (Tornados)' (lane 14) with 422 points
19ᵗʰ place is 'Yeovil' (lane 23) with 420 points
20ᵗʰ place is 'Swindon ASC' (lane 18) with 413 points
21ˢᵗ place is 'Bristol North' (lane 2) with 397 points
22ⁿᵈ place is 'Bassett JSF' (lane 1) with 273 points
23ʳᵈ place is 'Trowbridge' (lane 20) with 0 points