Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course


Dear all,
As part of the clubs commitment to look after the wellbeing of children, a vitally important course has been made available that will enable compliance of our mandatory obligation to their welfare.
Course Title: Safeguarding & Protecting Children
Safeguarding children should become an integral part of all club activities and create a culture that provides a safe, happy and fun environment in which children can learn to swim and develop to a level appropriate for their ability.
This course will enable everyone in our sport to play their part in safeguarding children offering practical guidance for those who are directly involved in working with children and providing awareness of both mandatory requirements and good practice guidance.
Applicability: All coaches and volunteers, as well as anyone that may have access to children during the course of training or teaching should undertake this course.
Aim of Course: It is to provide guidance for club members to safeguard children and young people in line with current legislation and guidance.  The responsibility to safeguard children in our clubs and related activities lies will all those involved in the sport and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at club, county or national level.
Cost: Nil to club members
This is potentially open to Swimming and Synchro members. 
This is solely an expression of interest at this time; dates and times are not known yet and your interest does not demand your attendance. 
Keith Horn
Volunteer Coordinator