Teacher Training (Volunteer) Scheme at Aquavale and Swan 2019-2020

We've had a few enquiries recently about how our older swimmers can get more involved in volunteering for the club, and maybe become teachers and coaches. 

We are currently planning an exciting programme for young volunteers, to give them a wide ranging introduction to all that goes on in a swim club.  This will be for swimmers aged 13+ - watch this space. 

In the meantime, for those moving into school Year 11 or above in September 2019,  I'm pleased to pass on details of the Volunteer Scheme to be run by EveryoneActive at Aqua Vale and Swan over the coming year, which many of our older swimmers have followed in order to gain experience and become qualified swim teachers.  

Full details are shown via the links below.  This year, only two spaces are available, so please don't hang around, and feel free to ask for the names of those in our club who have already done the scheme as I'm sure they'd be happy to answer your questions.


An alternative way to obtain teaching qualifications is to book courses diretly through the Instutute of Swimming:-  

Level 1 course costs ~ £400
Level 2 course costs ~ £600
Maxwell cannot help with these costs.  The normal route to becoming a coach is to volunteer, then take the teaching courses (either through the above Volunteer Scheme or privately), and at a later date the club will try to support coaches to further their education with their coaching qualifications.  The club may also provide financial support to swimmers trainnig as lifeguards.  Any help with funding is assessed on a need / case by case basis.  
Details of the upcoming teaching course at  Aqauvale can be found here and lifeguarding courses here 


For those interested in volunteering poolside, please talk to Ally Brewer, and of course to Noel, Bill, Sophie or Dani.