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Southern Junior League after 2 rounds


Below are the accumulated virtual gala points after the first two rounds of the Southern Junior League. Huge congratulations to our swimmers and coaches on such a great performance at each round. Subject to confirmation we have achieved a place in the A final on Saturday 14th September, and another chance to try and catch the mighty Penguins! Please keep this day free if you are likely to be selected for the team, we will circulate details as soon as we have them.


1ˢᵗ  'Poole'                            1945 points
2ⁿᵈ  'Plymouth Leander'         1798 points
3ʳᵈ  'Swim Bournemouth A'    1793 points
4ᵗʰ  'Swindon Dolphin'            1749 points
5ᵗʰ  'Bristol Penguins'            1595 points
6ᵗʰ  'Keynsham'                    1433 points

7ᵗʰ  'Exeter'                         1418 points
8ᵗʰ  'Cirencester'                  1404 points
9ᵗʰ  'Severnside'                   1334 points
10ᵗʰ 'West Dorset '               1090 points
11ᵗʰ 'Weymouth'                   1054 points
12ᵗʰ 'Seagulls'                      1053 points
13ᵗʰ 'Marlborough Penguins'  1012 points
14ᵗʰ 'Swim Bournemouth B'     931 points
15ᵗʰ 'Yeovil'                            872 points
16ᵗʰ 'Swindon ASC'                861 points
17ᵗʰ 'Chard'                            853 points
18ᵗʰ 'Southwold'                     827 points
19ᵗʰ 'South Dorset (Tornados)' 814 points
20ᵗʰ 'Bristol North'                  787 points
21ˢᵗ 'Bassett JSF'                   659 points
22ⁿᵈ 'Devonport Royal'            474 points
23ʳᵈ 'Trowbridge'                     469 points