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Land training - Coach Steve describes his approach
Fair to say that there have been some changes to our training programme over the past few months, and these changes have caused some concerns amongst swimmers and parents. The coaching team is grateful to those individuals who have raised their concerns and will, in several communications over the coming weeks, describe the approach currently being taken. Here Steve Uren, our qualified strength and conditioning coach, describes the approach he is taking with our land training programme.
I plan my land training sessions to be a mixture of full body circuits, fitness drills and fitness games. I find it keeps the children interested and having fun as well as improving their fitness levels. The children will stick to body weight exercises really targeting their strength through exercises like squats, push ups and lunges. They will improve their core strength through exercises such as the plank and crunches. To improve their cardiovascular fitness I will try to always keep the children moving and rest to a minimum.  Some of the exercises they will do to target the cardiovascular system are high knees, star jumps and shuttles. I also teach the children how to improve their flexibility by performing a good dynamic warm up and then static stretches at the end of the session. 
I will also create challenges for the children by running fitness competitions as I find the children always try harder when they are competing against their peers. Alongside this I will include fun games using the balls and other equipment but change some of the rules to really challenge the children's fitness levels. 
Lots of the skills and exercises they learn in the land training will definitely cross over making them better swimmers as they will become stronger and fitter by working on exercises outside of the pool. Also as the children are still young it its great that they continue to focus on a wide range of fitness components and skills which will definitely help them in the future. 
A typical land training session looks something like this:
  • Dynamic warm up 10 mins 
  • Full body fitness circuit 10 mins 
  • Ball games 10 mins 
  • Full body circuit 10 mins 
  • Fitness competition ( for example races in teams or what team can perform the most squats in 1 min etc) 10 mins 
  • Fitness game 10 mins 
  • Full body circuit 10 mins 
  • Fitness game 10 mins 
  • Cool down and stretches 10 mins