The New Season - Forthcoming events/meets for all swimmers

A welcome back to all swimmers and parents after the summer break, we hope you have recharged your batteries and are ready for the beginning of the new season.  

To help everybody along the way, our Gala Entries Co-Ordinator Jackie Sandon has compiled a competition schedule showing all galas taking place between September and December 2019. Sept-Dec

Coming up in the next few weeks we have the Tom Moore Gala and the first of our own Club Championship Gala's.  We also have the Hemel Hempstead Flyfest, which is by invitation only, and in October the Arena League gala's commence.  
Please check this schedule as it will indicate the dates of each gala, who should enter them, how to enter them or will indicate whether is it a club gala whereby Head Coach Magda will pick the swimmers to swim on behalf of the club.

With the first of our 5 club championships taking place on Sunday 22nd September 2019, Head Coach Magda has prepared a document to assist all swimmers in explaining which events they need to participate in, dependant on their Squad. Please take a moment to read this document before submitting an entry.

Costa Open Meet is the next Gala that we need to get our entries in for if you wish to swim at this gala.  It takes place on the weekend of the 30th November/1st December 2019 and you can enter now via our website, via Team Unify.  If you already have a payment card entered onto the system you can enter now, but if you don't please email Jackie Sandon direct at :

The closing date for this gala is 12th September 2019 .

Other gala's that are on our website and ready for entries to be submitted are as follows :

Stevenage Swimming Club Club Championships Gala's
Hemel Hempstead Flyfest - by invitation only
Stevenage Swimming Club Championships 400IM night- by invitation only
Tom Moore Gala - for Development 2 Squad and below only.  Junior Performance as per the instructions only.

OK, I think that is enough for everyone to be getting on with for now.  Please remember, that ALL gala entries are subject to their coaches approval only.