ASA Level 1 &/Or 2 Teaching Qualification


Hi all,
I am keen to progress candidates through Level 1/2 Teaching Qualifications if anyone would like to discuss this. In order for anyone to Teach/Coach on their own they need to be at least Level 1 where you can be monitored by a Level 2. To bring this alive a Level 1 could be taking a lesson in the small pool while I supervise from the main pool. This does not mean you are restricted to either the small or main pool as I am happy to support the right candidate to train with any squad.
We have grown rapidly over the last few years meaning I am away a lot more, having ample teacher cover means we can still operate while we attend competitions. 
Please come and have a chat.
Colin Cracknell
Head Coach
West Dorset Swimming Club
Dorchester Sports Centre, Coburg Road, Dorchester,
Dorset, DT1 2HR |