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Guidance for swimmers at open meets

Hi all

With the second Saturday of the Bristol Norths and the Somerset Development meet coming up we have a lot of swimmers taking part in their first open meets. Please can parents and carers emphasise the guidance below to their swimmers. The safety of swimmers is the primary concern of our coaches, but there is little they can do if swimmers wander off, and it can be a big worry if it is unclear whether a swimmer is missing or has gone home.

There can be long waits between races at open meets (especially if there are technical problems!!) - swimmers are welcome to bring something to keep themselves occupied.

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To ensure the safety of our swimmers, all those competing need to sign in with the coach or team manager when they arrive. Please note that all swimmers will be required to stay with the team at all times and not sit with their parents. This is good for team spirit but will also ensure that no races are mi ssed . If they need to leave poolside for any reason, they must tell the coach or team manager where they are going. Parents should collect their chi ldren promptly once they have finished all their races for the day and sign out with the coach/team manager.