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Southern Junior League National Final 2019

With a 6am start, the team set off bright and early to make their way up to Matlock in Derbyshire for the Junior Inter-League Southern Area final (please don’t ask how Matlock is in the South!). Knowing that we were taking on some big clubs it was clear that this was going to be a tough challenge for a young team. Nonetheless, the team were keen and ready to take on: Guildford City, Nottingham Leander, City of Norwich, City of Coventry and Camden Swiss Cottage.  

Swimmers making PSC debuts in the 2019 Junior League: 
9 years: Ava T; Philip B, Sophie LR
11 years: Holly O; Mark T

Notable swims came from the following swimmers:
Freestyle: Jack G (2nd); Roberta B (3rd); Seren P (2nd); Grace M (2nd); Alex E (3rd); 
Butterfly: Abigail S (3rd); Freddie H (3rd); Will W (3rd); 
Breaststroke: Christopher B (3rd); Roberta B (3rd); Seren P (3rd); Jack G (1st); 
Backstroke: Paul I (3rd)
Relays: Boys 11/under Medley Relay: Will W, Jack G, Mark T, Harry C (1st)

Overall result
Guildford City: 1st place – 234 points
Camden Swiss Cottage: 2nd place – 191 points
City of Coventry: 3rd place – 184 points
City of Norwich: 4th place – 160 points
Poole Swimming Club: 5th place – 136 points 
Nottingham Leander: 6th place – 109 points


    We made history today in a National final having been declared outright winners of the Southern Junior league in September for the first time

    This was a fine performance from a young team in a National level final

Swimming against some tough competition we achieved: 

    1st place in 3 events

    2nd place in 3 events

    3rd place in 10 events

    We swam an additional 15 PB’s following the Southern Junior League final only 3 weeks ago

    It was great to see so many swimmers making themselves available for this final

    Scores were close throughout the afternoon and we came a very respectable 5th place in this final.

Thank you to Team Captains: Jamie Mc, Lucy G, Freddie B and Lottie V for their captaincy and also their inspiring team talks both before and after the gala. 

The Junior League is all about teamwork and a special mention must go to every individual swimmer who represented us throughout 2019 and helped us to make club history.

A special mention for:
Our 2019 team coaches: Barry, Becky, Chris, Emma, Jacob, Jan, Maralyn and Meghan
Our 2019 team managers: Claire V, Geri O, Mike S, Sarah H and Tracy H 
Our 2019 officials: Annabel O’K, Hang D, John S, Liz S and Steve M 
The fundraising team and Tracy for organising and supplying our flags and 2019 team kit
And to Maralyn, for providing the entire team with our unmissable hats!

We all saw just how much it meant to Jan at the 3rd round final to have made it to this stage. The moment was captured by the ever-vigilant poolside paparazzi parents and re-lived on the big screen at our celebration evening! The final words must go to her:

“On Sunday afternoon we took up the challenge, we swam hard and we raced well. Our main priority in this round was to finish as high as we could against some very big teams. This is our best ever performance to date in the Junior League however, it is evident that there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Above all, we showed true sportsmanship today and I would like to say a big thank you to all our swimmers and parents. In addition, I would like to thank the coaches who have done so much this year in developing this young team. Thank you also to our team managers, our officials and to the fundraising team for showing your support. And of course, to all the swimmers who helped us to make the Southern area final but were unable to compete today because of the required age changes. 

We have so much to look forward to and I am indebted to everyone who contributed to the Junior League team this year.”