Kent Development Accepted Entries and Black Lion Open

Kent Development Accepted Entries are now on the club website on the Events page. Everyone was accepted which is good news. This is a sign out event, which means that the if you are not swimming then you will need to inform the Coach to sign you out otherwise you will incur a fee of £10 per event. Please can you give as much notice as possible if you do not intend to swim.

Can those with outstanding entry fees for this competition and any other that you have entered please be paid asap. Thank you.

Black Lion Open 23rd/24th November. Closing Date Monday 4th November. Venue is Medway Park

The entry documentation for this open is now on the club website.

This event has upper limit times that you cannot be faster than so please pay attention to these when entering events.

This open is not a 1st come 1st serve open, which means it accepts all entries and then rejects the slower entries if they are over subscribed, therefore payment will only be required once the list of accepted entries has been published. This is why our closing date is after the Kent Development meet and Fireworks meet so that you have the latest up to date times for your children.

Thank you