2019 Inter-Counties - MIDDX 8th place
5/6 OCTOBER 2019
We set off as usual from Gurnell Pool with some of the team, then heading to Barnet Copthall to pick up the rest of the team that were travelling with us.  We stopped at Loughborough University for a training session which, by all accounts, went very well.
We continued on our journey to Sheffield where the swimmers were allocated their rooms, given their County T-shirts and swim caps.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner although we were not in a room by ourselves, it did not stop us from having a nice meal.  The remaining swimmers managed to arrive just in time for dinner.
Unfortunately, as we had a late dinner, there was no time for a full team meeting nor the customary quiz so an early night was had by all.
After breakfast, we left the hotel and made the short walk to the pool.  The swimmers warmed up quite early in the morning but it did not seem to affect them too much.
The competition started with the teams for both Division 1 and Division 2 being introduced – the crowd started to warm up and the atmosphere was electric.  Then the swimming started and the noise was deafening!  Everybody swam well with several obtaining PBs which, this early in the season, is a testament to their dedication to the County.  The cannon relay at the end was something else to watch and we came a fantastic second.
The lead was maintained by Devon throughout virtually the whole gala.  We moved up and down the leader-board continually.  Eventually, with a fantastic finish in the cannon, the County finished a fantastic 8th place out of 20 Counties, being the second London County behind Kent.  This means that we remain in the first division for another year.
I would like to thank Gerry Gillespie (County Coach), Nathan Joseph and Mohammed Hammad for being great coaches; Sharon Austin for her amazing organisational skills as Team Manager; Leah Pullen for arranging the coach travel and hotel; Robin Brantley and Sophia Marcal-Whittles for being the County’s officials and Flo Barnes as London Swimming President.
Well done to everybody – I was extremely proud to be President that day.
Gillian Neal
Middlesex County ASA President
The Team
Elinor Chadwick Barnet Copthall
Jo Hobsley Barnet Copthall
Toluwani Adelaja Barnet Copthall
Oliver Macgonigal Bo of Harrow
Emily Surminski Brompton
Alex Rowson Brompton
Mehmet Zeren Brompton
Ava Lambropoulos Camden Swiss Cottage
Alexia Lambropoulos Camden Swiss Cottage
Lauren Brantley Camden Swiss Cottage
Georgina Winters Camden Swiss Cottage
Edward Whittles Chelsea & Westminster
Henry Gray Chelsea & Westminster
Leah Whittaker Ealing
Metin Mahmutoglu Ealing
Sam Cornish Enfield
Chloe Baduna Hackney Aquatics
Mika Ogden Hackney Aquatics
Gareth Davies Haringey Aquatics
Shakil Giordani Haringey Aquatics
Max Hanson Haringey Aquatics
Dillon Chana Hillingdon
Clara Von Opel Natare West London
Pietro Ubertalli Natare West London
Caroline Lewitt Natare West London
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