Junior Club Captain report for Somerset County Pathway 3

At the start of our last County Pathway day we started with an opening presentation about what we were going to be participating in throughout the day.

Next Arthur led us in various strength and conditioning exercises like the last  two camps; these included wheel barrow, ball throw and many more. After that, we did pre-pool and went to get changed for our fist session in the pool. In the pool, we focused on butterfly.

We took part in various drills to help our skills and to help our stroke. After that we did our post-pool session for 15 minutes then we had lunch.

After lunch we did our second pre-pool and then our second swim session. In this session we focused on breast stroke. Again we did various drills to help our skills and to help our stroke and have an international breaststroke swimmer do some demos for us. After the hour session we did our post-pool.

Finally, we sat down and listened to a presentation from Head Coach James Clark, made by Swim England, telling us all about nutrition. They talked about how our diets should look and what should be on our plates. The graph they showed us to support their evidence had sectioned the plate into different parts; 1/3 was fruit and veg, 1/3 was of carbohydrates, and other smaller sections where for things like protein and sugary food. We also looked at Adam Peaty's diet and compared it to ours.   

Eloise Cash, Junior Club Captain 2019