Senior Captain report - Exeter Swimming Club training

On the 28th of October Clevedon swimming club was incredibly grateful for the opportunity for its older swimmers to be able to travel down to Exeter for a training session. Eva Farmery, Addy Ledward, Sam Streeter and Ryan Baldwin all travelled down to Exeter to take part in a sprint training session in which Exeter swimming club was hosting. This was an inspirational opportunity where the swimmers were surrounded by national finalists and champions, swimming alongside them, completing one of their training sessions. 


At first the new environment was quite daunting and myself and the other swimmers were overcome with nerves. However, as soon as we got into the water and started swimming everything felt alright. The training set itself was quite a change from our normal sets and trying to understand other coaches writing on the board was quite challenging in itself. Our confidence soon began to grow and throughout the session we were able to show off our amazing skills and technique in a new environment in front of other coaches. The skills in which we demonstrated down in Exeter were greatly commented on and we hope we represented Clevedon well. The set worked each swimmer incredibly hard pushing us to our limits especially in the warm up and the sprints that followed. It was truly an amazing experience for all of us to be training amongst national champions. 


We would like to say a massive thank you to Pat (HeadCoach) who was able to find this amazing opportunity for us to be a part of and hope we were able to represent her and the swimming club well. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities in which our Clevedon swimmers are able to take part in and widen their understanding on skills and techniques in swimming. 


Eva Farmery, Girl Senior Club Captain