BSC & Tring Put in a Joint Team for Herts Major League & Peanuts

As outlined in an earlier email, at the most recent Herts League AGM in 2019, BSC and Tring proposed that Clubs could put in a joint 2nd teams to both Herts Major League (HML) and Peanuts for 2020.

The reasons for this approach are as follows;

1) Unless there are enough teams attending these meets, the Herts league could fold.

2) Both Clubs believe strongly in the ethos of Herts League and want it to continue.

3) Both clubs do not have enough swimmers to provide 2nd Club teams, so this is an ideal way of giving all those swimmers who wnat to, the opportunity to still get involved.

4) It brings the Clubs closer together based on our previous experiences.

Below is the proposal that was accepted at teh AGM governing how this will work.

Joint Teams Proposal

We hope this is a continuation of more activities between both Clubs.