Online J1 Course has Started

The New Online Judge 1 Course is now live online – you can begin today!

What does it consist of?

Judge 1 training consists of a series of on-line theory learning modules followed by a mandatory poolside experience programme.

The on-line course modules you can do at your own pace. The poolside experience is supported by a local contact and by mentors on poolside. You must get a series of practical/observational competencies signed-off by referees.

The process:

  1. First visit the Institute of Swimming (IoS) website and register to create your own account for training purposes.
  2. Then go to the - Swimming Technical Officials – Judge 1 theory  page -  and sign-up to the course at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will need to pay for the course – it costs £20 which includes the final J1 Licence. (Your club may reimburse you or provide you with a voucher). You can then access the course from the ‘purchased courses’ page.
  4. Begin the modules – do them at your own pace. There are Time Keeper and Chief Time Keeper modules. When you have done these, you have to do a practical test using a stopwatch under supervision (you can request to do this at any gala or if you are part of a group some clubs may arrange to have a Referee visit a specially arranged session during training).
  5. When all the modules are completed in full, you can submit the on-line theory certificate to Swim England (along with a passport-type photo). They will then provide you with a workbook and a local contact who will support your poolside mentoring.
  6. Mentoring involves about 15h or so on poolside - so this may be over a half dozen or more sessions at various galas. You need experience of observing all the strokes and experience at a range of galas from basic ones with no automatic time-recording equipment, up to county-level or greater and must include Level 1 and Level 2 meets. (Most candidates do this as they support their swimmers). ALL THE COMPETANCIES MUST BE SIGNED OFF WITHIN  11 MONTHS OF COMPLETING THE ON-LINE COURSE.
  7. When your local contact has seen and approved your workbook, there is a final step, a separate training on-line course called ‘Contemporary Issues’ which you must also complete on the IoS website. This is actually free, and you can do it at any stage once you are registered. When this is complete your local contact will arrange to confirm with Swim England that you have successfully completed so that your J1 qualification can be confirmed and issued.


For more information please contact:

Ralph Shortland ([email protected]) or Pam Crofts ([email protected])