Club Championships


Once again our Club Championships were split into six separate galas between September and December. Kicking off with the 50m races (and the 100IM) and with almost every swimmer from each squad competing against each other – it was a long, busy and fast-paced evening!

Congratulations to all our medal and ribbon winners and especially to the following record breakers:

Ava Kelly (13Y: 50 Back, 100 IM, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 Back, 100 Breast)

Amy Brown (14-15Y: 50 Back & 15Y: 100 Backsktroke) Lucia Hooper (Open: 200 Fly)

Zain Lam (13Y: 50 Back, 50 Free, 100 IM, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 Fly, 100 Free) (one record smashed by Zain dated back to 1997!)





Zoe Ciccardini (50 Back U10)

Harmony Berry (50 Back U10)

Leonie Page (50 Back U10)

Leilani Berry (50 Back 10-11Y)

Bethan Whitfield (50 Back 10-11Y)

Ella Oelkers (50 Back 10-11Y)

Ava Kelly (50 Back 12-13Y)

Chloe Davey (50 Back 12-13Y)

Eve Widley (50 Back 12-13Y)

Amy Brown (50 Back 14-15Y)

Lucia Hooper (50 Back 14-15Y)

Tiya Gokani (50 Back 14-15Y)

Tay Blair (50 Back 16&O)

Alister Gironella (50 Back U10)

Sean Grant (50 Back U10)

KK Sunil (50 Back U10)

Steven Lam Man Chun (50 Back 10-11Y)

Dylan Odeleye (50 Back 10-11Y)

Josh Dolling (50 Back 10-11Y)

Matthew Byrnes (50 Back 12-13Y)

Samuel Woolley (50 Back 12-13Y)

Zain Lam (50 Back 12-13Y)

Aidan Brennan (50 Back 14-15Y)

Nico Lane (50 Back 14-15Y)

Michael Jiron (50 Back 14-15Y)

Leonie Page (50 Free U10)

Harmony Berry (50 Free U10)

Luca Barretta (50 Back 16&O)

Lily-Mae Olver (50 Free 10-11Y)

Bethan Whitfield (50 Free 10-11Y)

Zoe Ciccardini (50 Free U10)

Chloe Davey (50 Free 12-13Y)

Eve Widley (50 Free 12-13Y)

Leilani Berry (50 Free 10-11Y)

Lucia Hooper (50 Free 14-15Y)

Amy Brown (50 Free 14-15Y)

Ava Kelly (50 Free 12-13Y)

KK Sunil (50 Free U10)

Jacob Silva (50 Free U10)

Anna Woolley (50 Free 14-15Y)

Dylan Odeleye (50 Free 10-11Y)

Steven Lam Man Chun (50 Free 10-11Y)

Tay Blair (50 Free 16&O)

Samuel Woolley (50 Free 12-13Y)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (50 Free 12-13Y)

Alister Gironella (50 Free U10)

Michael Jiron (50 Free 14-15Y)

Aidan Brennan (50 Free 14-15Y)

Josh Dolling (50 Free U10)

Alexander Dabysing (50 Free 16&O)

Leonie Page (100 IM U11)

Zain Lam (50 Free 12-13Y)

Mia Kelly (100 IM U11)

Ella Oelkers (100 IM 11Y)

Ali el Sayed (50 Free 14-15Y)

Lily-Mae Olver (100 IM 11Y)

Eve Widley (100 IM 13Y)

Luca Barretta (50 Free 16&O)

Jullianne Sollano (100 IM 12Y)

Morgan Fisher (100 IM 14Y)

Poppy Laffey (100IM U11)

Chloe Davey (100 IM 13Y)

Llewelyn Roberts (100 IM U11)

Leilani Berry (100IM 11Y)

Orrin Blair (100 IM 14Y)

Steven Lam Man Chun (100 IM 11Y)

Aspen Parry (100IM 12Y)

Lucia Hooper (100 IM 15Y)

Shiv Prashad (100 IM 12Y)

Ava Kelly (100IM 13Y)

KK Sunil (100 IM U11)

Tao Ashdown-Parkes (100 IM 13Y)

Pippa Danielson (100IM 14Y)

Oliver Handley (100 IM 11Y)

Nico Lane (100 IM 14Y)

Amy Brown (100IM 15Y)

Patrick Turner (100 IM 12Y)

Imogen Dolling (50 Breast U10)

Dylan Odeleye (100IM U11)

Ethan Knowles (100 IM 13Y)

Bethan Whitfield ((50 Breast 10-11Y)

Josh Dolling (100IM 11Y)

Cameron Handley (100 IM 14Y)

Amber Bloomfield (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (100 IM 12Y)

Alexander Dabysing (100 IM 16&O)

Anna Woolley (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Zain Lam (100 IM 13Y)

Leonie Page (50 Breast U10)

Jacob Silva (50 Breast U10)

Michael Jiron (100 IM 14Y)

Lily-Mae Olver (50 Breast 10-11Y)

Llewelyn Roberts (50 Breast 10-11Y)

Aidan Brennan (100 IM 15Y)

Chloe Davey (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Samuel Woolley (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Luca Barretta (100 IM 16&O)

Orrin Blair (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Cameron Handley (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Zoe Ciccardini (50 Breast U10)

Rounak Ghosh (50 Breast U10)

Zoe Ciccardini (50 Fly U10)

Tess Ciccardini (50 Breast 10-11Y)

Steven Lam Man Chun (50 Breast 10-11Y)

Meenakshi Durgam (50 Fly 10-11Y)

Ava Kelly (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Ethan Knowles (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Chloe Davey (50 Fly 12-13Y)

Amy Brown (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Ali el Sayed (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Amy Brown (50 Fly 14-15Y)

Tay Blair (50 Breast 16&O)

Harmony Page (50 Fly U10)

Jacob Silva (50 Fly U10)

KK Sunil (50 Breast U10)

Lily-Mae Olver (50 Fly 10-11Y)

Nathaniel Telfer (50 Fly 10-11Y)

Oliver Handley (50 Breast 10-11Y)

Eve Widley (50 Fly 12-13Y)

Samuel Woolley (50 Fly 12-13Y)

Zain Lam (50 Breast 12-13Y)

Tiya Gokani (50 Fly 14-15Y)

Aidan Brennan (50 Fly 14-15Y)

Aidan Brennan (50 Breast 14-15Y)

Teo Sorel (50 Fly U10)


Luca Barretta (50 Breast 16&O)

Steven Lam Man Chun (50 Fly 10-11Y)


Leonie Page (50 Fly U10)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (50 Fly 12-13Y)


Leilani Berry (50 Fly 10-11Y)

Michael Jiron (50 Fly 14-15Y)


Ava Kelly (50 Fly 12-13Y)

Alexander Dabysing (50 Fly 16&O)


Lucia Hooper (50 Fly 14-15Y)



Tay Blair (50 Fly 16&O)



KK Sunil (50 Fly U10)



Josh Dolling (50 Fly 10-11Y)



Zain Lam (50 Fly 12-13Y)



Ali el Sayed (50 Fly 14-15Y)



Luca Barretta (50 Fly 16&O)







Olivia Calligeris (100 Back U11)

Isobel Woolley (100 Back U11)

Meenakshi Durgam (100 Back U11)

Leilani Berry (100 Back 11Y)

Ella Oelkers (100 Back 11Y)

Lily-Mae Olver (100 Back 11Y)

Jullianne Sollano (100 Back 12Y)

Aspen Parry (100 Back 12Y)

Zhegia Espino (100 Back 12Y)

Ava Kelly (100 Back 13Y)

Maya Malhotra (100 Back 13Y)

Eve Widley (100 Back 13Y)

Orrin Blair (100 Back 14Y)

Maddie Browne (100 Back 14Y)

Morgan Fisher (100 Back 14Y)

Amy Brown (100 Back 15Y)

KK Sunil (100 Back U11)

Alex Chapman (100 Back U11)

Tay Blair (100 Back 16&O)

Oliver Handley (100 Back 11Y)

Steven Lam Man Chun (100 Back 11Y)

Dylan Odeleye (100 Back U11)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (100 Back 12Y)

Samuel Woolley (100 Back 13Y)

Josh Dolling (100 Back 11Y)

Matthew Byrnes (100 Back 13Y)

Cameron Handley (100 Back 14Y)

Patrick Turner (100 Back 12Y)

Nico Lane (100 Back 14Y)

Tay Blair (200 Free Open)

Noah Findell (100 Back 13Y)

Lucia Hooper (200 Free Open)

Alexander Dabysing (200 Free Open)

Michael Jiron (100 Back 14Y)

Zain Lam (200 Free Open)

Ava Kelly (200 IM Open)

Aidan Brennan (100 Back 15Y)

Anna Woolley (200 IM Open)

Alexander Dabysing (200 IM Open)

Luca Barretta (100 Back 16&O)

Zain Lam (200 IM Open)


Anna Woolley (200 Free Open)



Luca Barretta (200 Free Open)



Tay Blair (200 IM Open)



Luca Barretta (200 IM Open)







Meenakshi Durgam (100 Fly U11)

Olivia Calligeris (100 Fly U11)

Zhegia Espino (100 Fly 12Y)

Leilani Berry (100 Fly 11Y)

Ruby McKinley (100 Fly 11Y)

Chloe Davey (100 Fly 13Y)

Aspen Parry (100 Fly 12Y)

Jullianne Sollano (100 Fly 12Y)

Zachary Bush (100 Fly U11)

Maya Malhotra (100 Fly 13Y)

Eve Widley (100 Fly 13Y)

Oliver Handley (100 Fly 11Y)

Orrin Blair (100 Fly 14Y)

Maddie Browne (100 Fly 14Y)

Tao Ashdown-Parkes (100 Fly 13Y)

Lucia Hooper (100 Fly 15Y)

Amy Brown (100 Fly 15Y

Anna Woolley (200 Breast Open)

Dylan Odeleye (100 Fly U11)

Teo Sorrel (100 Fly U11)

Ali el Sayed (200 Breast Open)

Josh Dolling (100 Fly 11Y)

Steven Lam Man Chun (100 Fly 11Y)

Ava Heidari-Khabbaz (100 Free U11)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (100 Fly 12Y)

Noah Findell (100 Fly 13Y)

Ella Oelkers (100 Free 11Y)

Zain Lam (100 Fly 13Y)

Alexander Dabysing (100 Fly 16&O)

Zhegia Espino (100 Free 12Y)

Luca Barretta (100 Fly 16&O)

Tay Blair (200 Breast Open)

Eve Widley (100 Free 13Y)

Ava Kelly (200 Breast Open)

Aidan Brennan (200 Breast Open)

Morgan Fisher (100 Free 14Y)

Joe Mumford (200 Breast Open)

Meenakshi Durgam (100 Free U11)

Amy Brown (100 Free 15Y)

Poppy Laffey (100 Free U11)

Bethan Whitfield (100 Free 11Y)

Alister Gironella (100 Free U11)

Leilani Berry (100 Free 11Y)

Jullianne Sollano (100 Free 12Y)

Oliver Handley (100 Free 11Y)

Aspen Parry (100 Free 12Y)

Maya Malhotra (100 Free 13Y)

Joseph Fitzgerald (100 Free 12Y)

Ava Kelly (100 Free 13Y)

Orrin Blair (100 Free 14Y)

Tao Ashdown-Parkes (100 Free 13Y)

Maddie Browne (100 Free 14Y)

Lucia Hooper (100 Free 15Y)

James Poulton (100 Free 14Y)

Anna Woolley (100 Free 15Y)

Sasha Breen (100 Free 16&O)

Orrin Blair (400 IM Open)

Rochelle Joyce (100 Free 16&O)

Jacob Silva (100 Free U11)

Nico Lane (400 IM Open)

Dylan Odeleye (100 Free U11)

Steven Lam Man Chun (100 Free 11Y)


Josh Dolling (100 Free 11Y)

Patrick Turner (100 Free 12Y)


Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (100 Free 12Y)

Noah Findell (100 Free 13Y)


Zain Lam (100 Free 13Y)

Ali el Sayed (100 Free 14Y)


Michael Jiron (100 Free 14Y)

Alex Dabysing (100 Free 16&O)


Aidan Brennan (100 Free 15Y)

Lucia Hooper (400 IM Open)


Luca Barretta (100 Free 16&O)

Joe Mumford (400 IM Open)


Tay Blair (400 IM Open)



Alexander Dabysing (400 IM Open)







Lucia Hooper (200 Fly Open)

Pippa Danielson (200 Fly Open)

Maya Malhotra (200 Fly Open)

Zain Lam (200 Fly Open)

Alexander Dabysing (200 Fly Open)

Tao Ashdown-Parkes (200 Fly Open)

Mia Kelly (100 Breast U11)

Lara Murray (100 Breast U11)

Zoes Ciccardini (100 Breast U11)

Tess Ciccardini (100 Breast 11Y)

Bethan Whitfield (100 Breast 11Y)

Emily Davey (100 Breast 11Y)

Jullianne Sollano (100 Breast 12Y)

Zhegia Espino (100 Breast 12Y)

Aspen Parry (100 Breast 12Y)

Ava Kelly (100 Breast 13Y)

Chloe Davey (100 Breast 13Y)

Amber Bloomfield (100 Breast 13Y)

Anna Woolley (100 Breast 15Y)

Amy Brown (100 Breast 15Y)

Jacob Silva (100 Breast U11)

Tay Blair (100 Breast 16&O)

KK Sunil (100 Breast U11)

Josh Dolling (100 Breast 11Y)

Llewelyn Roberts (100 Breast U11)

Steven Lam Man Chun (100 Breast 11Y)

Ethan Knowles (100 Breast 13Y

Olivia Handley (100 Breast 11Y)

Patrick Turner (100 Breast 12Y)

Anna Woolley (200 Back Open)

Noah Dominguez-Tchetche (100 Breast 12Y)

Samuel Woolley (100 Breast 13Y)

Joe Mumford (200 Back Open)

Joe Mumford (100 Breast 13Y)

Cameron Handley (100 Breast 14Y)

Lucia Hooper (400 Free Open)

Ali el Sayed (100 Breast 14Y)

Orrin Blair (200 Back Open)

Michael Jiron (400 Free Open)

Aidan Brennan (100 Breast 15Y)

Noah Findell (200 Back Open)


Luca Barretta (100 Breast 16&O)

Pippa Danielson (400 Free Open)


Amy Brown (200 Back Open)

Zain Lam (400 Free Open)


Luca Barretta (200 Back Open)



Tay Blair (400 Free Open)



Luca Barretta (400 Free Open)







Tay Blair

Lucia Hooper

Orrin Blair

Michael Jiron

Alexander Dabysing

Zain Lam





Pippa Danielson

Tay Blair

Orrin Blair

Arun Oelkers

Michael Jiron

Alex Dabysing