Getting into a Routine

We hope that everyone is healthy and safe!

Over the coming weeks, we are putting together a number of documents and videos that we will be filtering out each day, which will hopefully keep you updated with what is going on with regards to the swimming club, education for swimmers and parents on nutrition ideas, sports psychology and also dryside training options amongst other topics. We will also keep the swimmers engaged with challenges and competitions (with some small prizes!). Swim England East Region and Swim England will also be sending out information on these topics as well and we will be sure to keep you up to date with this information via our website and social media platforms, including TwitterFacebook and  Instagram. We have also set up a YouTube page and a Vimeo video page and will look at which will serve our needs best as we upload and post a variety of videos. These will also shared via the other social media platforms mentioned above.

The first document is 'Getting into a Routine', which will hopefully help the swimmers to structure their day. I have put a basic example sheet together and swimmers can alter and adapt this to suit their needs. This may change week to week, so I have uploaded both a PDF and word.doc version below that you can download and update yourselves - or be creative and make something up that works for you! This will also go onto the club website, with a link via our Facebook page.


Getting into a Routine PDF - Click  HERE

Getting into a Routine Word Doc - Click  HERE


Stay healthy!


WSSC Coaching Team