Important Notice from the GRSC Committee


We hope that this finds you well in these testing times.

Greenwich Royals Swimming Club is a volunteer run organisation, operating on a not-for-profit basis.  The Clubs’ primary financial commitments are the hire of local leisure centres and the wages of its coaching staff.

With the government announcement that leisure centres will be closed until further notice, and news of the Government Wage Subsidy scheme, Members may be considering whether they should continue to pay their March fees.

We are aware that some Members will be finding these new times challenging.  We have also had a number of Members writing to us, recognising that they are part of a Club, and as members, feeling it is our collective duty to try to keep the Club afloat, so that when the world starts to return to normal, there is a Greenwich Royals Swimming Club, with coaches, for our swimmers to return to.  This is also the Committee’s view.

So, to this end the Club plans to collect subscription fees at the end of March, as normal.  The Committee has determined that this will give the Club the reserves it needs to independently operate over the coming weeks and maybe beyond.  This will primarily mean paying the coaches’ wages.  Also, over this period, the Committee will be seeking to determine whether the Club is able to access the Government Wage Subsidy scheme, and if successful, this will greatly offset the burden on Members.  

Once the Committee has been able to achieve the financial security it needs to operate during these troubled times, albeit in a reduced capacity, it will be able to review whether there is a need to continue to collect fees, and if so whether a reduced, ‘maintenance level’ might be more appropriate.

The Club asks Members not to unilaterally cancel their Direct Debit subscriptions.  This not only creates a significant administrative overhead for those on our Committee who manage the Club’s membership and do not have the capacity to deal with this additional burden at this time, it also creates uncertainty for the ongoing viability of the Club.

Regrettably, any action by a Member to cancel payment to the Club will be taken as a resignation from the Club.  This means that should the Member subsequently wish to return to the Club, they will be treated as a new member, joining the Club’s waiting list and paying the Club’s enrolment fee. 

Should any Member feel that their particular circumstances mean that they are not in a position to continue to pay their membership fees, but they do not wish to end their membership, please contact the Club and we will do our best to provide assistance.

Please always contact us through our club email;

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe.

GRSC Committee