Alan Burt

It is with great sadness that we have to report that our former President and Chairman, Alan Burt, passed away last week at Dorset County Hospital.

Alan had a long history of association with the sport of swimming. We were privileged when he accepted the Club’s invitation to become our President and Chairman in 2002, posts he held for 12 years.

Before joining to take up those posts, Alan was well known to the Club as a member of Wareham Swimming Club and was always willing to give help and advice with his knowledge and expertise. Alan was a County Referee and Official, was on several committees and was a past President of the Dorset County A.S.A.

Alan chose to be an exceptionally active President and Chairman rather than a figurehead. It was a rare Friday or Monday night that he was not present at the Club and it was almost unknown when he did not officiate at the galas. Alan got immense pleasure handing out the trophies and medals and especially the ribbon awards at the rainbow galas. Alan worked tirelessly organising courses and encouraging people to get involved with the Club.

Once Alan had relinquished his Officer roles, he remained a co-opted member of Committee. For some years it had been known that the pool was to be run by another body chosen by the Council. Looking after the Club’s interests, Alan had been a mainstay attending the relevant Council meetings. Alan wished to see through the negotiations regarding the Club contract. He wanted to ensure that the conditions and water time available were to remain the same. It was confirmed that Everyone Active would continue and take over from the Council. The conditions were to remain the same, but with a rolling annual contract. Once this was achieved, Alan considered that his ‘work was done’ and ended his time with the Club, partly because of ill health.

Alan did maintain his considerable interest in the Club and offered advice when required. At the Annual General Meeting in 2015, Alan and Janet’s life membership was confirmed. Janet had helped the Club for about 8 years and gave Alan constant and staunch support.

Alan is and will be sorely missed. His contribution to the Club and to swimming in general was monumental. Alan was a great ambassador and was proud to be associated with the Weymouth Swimming Club.

Our sincere condolences are sent to Janet and their Family at this difficult time.


Sheila Short

Hon. Secretary