AGM Update

 Thank you to everyone that attended the AGM on 2nd September 2020.

A copy of the AGM minutes, including Chair and Coach's Report will be added to the website shortly.

The following appointments were agreed:

Executive Officers

Sarah Taylor was appointed as Chair

Matt Chubb was appointed as Treasurer

Emma Day was appointed as Secretary

Other Roles

Emma Dodd was re-appointed as Vice-Chair.

Rachel Thomas was re-appointed as Assistant Treasurer, and agreed to also take on the role of Pool Bookings.

Workforce Coordinator – remains VACANT

Stuart Mason remains as Welfare Officer

(Female) Welfare Officer – remains VACANT – although not absolutely necessary to have 2 welfare officers, it was recommended by Chair that 2 (1 male, 1 female) were in place if possible

Donna Hussey was appointed as Competition Secretary

Alison Williams remains as Membership Secretary

Steve Witcombe remains as Officials Coordinator

Becky Oxley remains as Club Desk/Shop organiser

Barbara Gaunt was appointed as Swim Mark coordinator

Trophy Steward – REMAINS VACANT

Gala Secretary – REMAINS VACANT

Sponsorship & Grants Coordinator – REMAINS VACANT

Fundraising Secretary – REMAINS VACANT*

*Emma Dodd said she would be prepared to organise events on a one-off basis to help with fund raising for the Club