Arriving & Departing Training: HOUSE RULES REMINDER


It has been great to have been able to accommodate our members with additional pool time, as we head into week 3 of the Phase 2 timetable. Some swimmers seem to be arriving late for their session though, which is causing disruption to the coach and swimmers already in the pool. Please make sure that you are following the following process that we have in place:

  • COVID Liaison Officers will aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the session (where possible)
  • Swimmers need to arrive at the pool 10 minutes prior to the start of the session (the only exception to this is where swimmers are travelling straight from school for the 4:00pm / 4:15pm sessions at Culford - in which case they need to arrive as quickly a possible)
  • Swimmers MUST be wearing a face mask or face covering. Unfortunately, we can no longer have swimmers simply pulling their jumper / tee shirts up over their face:                 


  • Parents will need to wait at the centre until the start of the session time. If swimmers have a high temperature or don't have a face mask / covering, then they won't be allowed to enter the building
  • At Haverhill, on morning sessions, parents must make sure that their swimmer is in the building before driving off. You are responsible for your child until they are in the building
  • Members will only be allowed onto poolside once they have had their temperature taken by the COVID Liaison / Coach. They should remain outside the building until this has been done. They will then be given hand sanitiser and ticked off on the register
  • All swimmers have been doing a fantastic job whilst in the pool - so keep it up!
  • Shoes are to be taken off when going onto poolside at Culford and Haverhill. Swimmers at Bury can leave their shoes on, as they aren't walking directly on to poolside
  • As mentioned previously, swimmers need to get changed as quickly as possible - being both speedy and decent. Shoes aren't to be put on again (Culford & Haverhill) until they reach the exit
  • Face Masks / separate covering needs to be put on at their station. Walking out with it in their bag or hand is unacceptable!
  • Please make sure that you sanitise your hands on exit
  • Continue to maintain social distancing at all times - both in the line up to the pool, around poolside and when leaving the session
  • As the nights get darker, if parents wish to walk closer to the exit points for the younger swimmers - such as at the end of the pathway leading down to the fire exit doors at Bury, at the end of the building / by the indoor tennis courts (green housing) at Culford or out the front of the centre at Haverhill (please always make sure that you are socially distancing!), then that is fine

These are in place for everyone's safety!

Thank you!


WSSC Coaching Team - WSSC COVID Team - WSSC Committee