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Dear Members,


We have received multiple complaints from members and GLL alike regarding masks and social distancing and if we wish to hold on to the sessions we have, we must all do a better job at following the guidelines.


In light of the ongoing, changing situation with COVID-19 and increasing infection rates, CSCSC would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the Club's Return to the Pool guidance and Government's guidance: Hands - Face - Space.





Please travel with your own antibacterial hand gel, use the provided hand wash stations when entering/moving through the centre.




All members are required to wear a mask within 100m of the centre and strongly urged to consider their behaviour when outside centres, we are representing CSCSC whilst in the area of the centre, not just when in the water. 


All swimmers are required to wear a mask on arrival to the centre, whilst walking through the centre and should only be removed once poolside. Once changed, swimmers must put on their mask when exiting the centre.


Parents/Carers arriving with their swimmers, the Club requires you to wear a mask, where you can not keep to the 2m guidance. 


Our coaching team will also be wearing masks on arrival at the centre and throughout. Coaches will remove their mask when poolside to ensure they are able to effectively communicate and coach swimmers. 




Swimmers are required to wait patiently for their coach and session outside the centre, take responsibility for their movements and behaviour when at the training centre, make space for others around them when walking to the pool, when poolside and during training. We understand younger swimmers may need support and reminders about expectations regarding masks and making space.


Parents/Carers, please make space when meeting before training sessions, and if collecting swimmers after the session. Parents/Carers waiting must not congregate in groups of more than 6 (the rule of 6 in England includes children) and supervise swimmers as well as siblings/younger children before training sessions to ensure social distancing.


Coaches will endeavour to space swimmers when entering and moving through the facility, when poolside and in the water. 




ALL members are responsible to adhere to the guidance and police this to ensure the Club can continue training sessions in line with COVID secure protocols. We all must do our bit to stop the spread of COVID-19, protect one another and save our pool time.


It is not only the responsibility of the Committee or Coaches to remind or enforce the expectations outlined by the Government. We do not wish to take any action to remove swimmers from access to training but strongly urge you to consider the impact you/your swimmer's actions may have, should the Club be seen to not be following the guidance.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation,


Krista Bibbings

Office Manager & COVID Lead