Home Workout - November: WEEKLY PLAN

Home Workouts

During the first lockdown, we sent out some information regarding creating a daily routine. Whilst you still have school - which will help to add structure to your day, it is important to still find the time to stay fit and healthy whilst we are not able to access the pool. 

You have all done a fantastic job in the water over the last 15 weeks and the goal now is to try and maintain as much fitness as you can, as we head into the winter months. This is going to help, not only your fitness goals for this season, but also your health and mental wellbeing.

At the start of Lockdown 1.0, we put together a weekly training plan that was posted on the club website. We will be re-running that plan and those videos through Lockdown 2.0. This will help you to maintain a fitness routine and give you that structure around your school day - whether you choose to run through the sessions before or after school is up to you! Running can be carried out on a treadmill (if you have access to one) and cycling can be done indoors on a turbo (if you have one)!

We will also be putting together some short video clips for you to refer to which will demonstrate exercises in a bit more detail, you will have access to these via various social media platforms (club website, WSSC Facebook and WSSC YouTube channel).

On some days we won’t necessarily follow a plan, you may just be asked to go for a run or follow a video such as a yoga class via an online link that you will be specified. Plans will be made user friendly and self-adjustable so that a wide range of our swimmers from all squads can get involved.

Equipment requirements will be kept to a minimum as we will obviously be limited to what we have available in our own homes.

To keep content minimal and to avoid over complicating things, it is expected that you will use your normal poolside warm up routines for each home workout session. A copy of the land warm up routine can be found by clicking  HERE

Each session should take you between 20 - 30 minutes to complete. When comparing that to the amount of time you would normally spend in the pool, we do not feel that this is a huge commitment make and therefore expect that you will push yourselves hard and make it challenging. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

Weeks 1-4:







Session 1

Session 7

Session 13

Session 19


Lower Body & HIIT

Core Circuit

Mobility / Yoga

Quick HIIT


Playlist Vid #3 & 4


Session 2

Session 8

Session 14

Session 20


Upper Body & Mobility

RUN - Map route

RUN - Repeat Session 8

Yoga / Balance


Time Yourself

Beat time

Playlist Video #8


Session 3

Session 9

Session 15

Session 21


Cardio - Jog or Run

Lower Body & HIIT




Low Intensity


Session 4

Session 10

Session 16

Session 22


HIIT & Abdominals

BIKE - Map route

BIKE - Repeat Session 10



Time Yourself

Beat time


Session 5

Session 11

Session 17



Mobility / Yoga

Upper Body &

Lower Body

Pool Training


Playlist Video #1 & 2





Session 6

Session 12

Session 18





Upper Body



Run or Bike











The Videos for the for most workouts will be available to view via this club website, WSSC Facebook page & the WSSC YouTube Channel

Week 1

Monday 9th November (Session 1) LOWER BODY - Click HERE for a printable version

Tuesday 10th November (Session 2) UPPER BODY - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 11th November (Session 3) CARDIO (Jog or Run) - Set yourself an achievable goal

Thursday 12th November (Session 4) HIIT & Abdominals - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 13th November (Session 5) YOGA / MOBILITY - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Saturday 14th November (Session 6) CARDIO (Run or Bike)

Sunday 15th November - REST DAY

Week 2

Monday 16th November (Session 7) CORE Circuit - Click HERE for printable version

Tuesday 17th November (Session 8) CARDIO Run - Map route & Time yourself

Wednesday 18th November (Session 9) LOWER BODY / HIIT - Click HERE for printable version

Thursday 19th November (Session 10) CARDIO Bike - Map route & Time yourself

Friday 20th November (Session 11) UPPER BODY / MOBILITY - Click HERE for printable version

Saturday 21st November (Session 12) CARDIO HIIT Run If you want to try something different today. Go and find a stretch of ground around 50-60m long. If you can find a hill it would be great but any stretch will work.....  Using the distance of the chosen pathway you should SPRINT as fast as you can in 1 direction (up the hill) and walk back to the start (down the hill). The walk will be regarded as your rest time.......How many times can you complete this? give youself a target X10? X15? CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Sunday 22nd November - REST DAY

Week 3

Monday 23rd November (Session 13) YOGA / MOBILITY - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Tuesday 24th November (Session 14) CARDIO Run - Re-run route from Session 8 & IMPROVE

Wednesday 25th November (Session 15) CORE - Click HERE for printable version

Thursday 26th November (Session 16) CARDIO Bike - Cycle route from Session 10 & IMPROVE

Friday 27th November (Session 17) LOWER BODY - Click HERE for printable version

Saturday 28th November (Session 18) UPPER BODY - Click HERE for printable version

Sunday 29th November - REST DAY

Week 4

Monday 30th November (Session 19) QUICK HIIT - Click HERE for printable version

Tuesday 1st December (Session 20) YOGA / BALANCE - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Wednesday 2nd December (Session 21) CARDIO Low Intensity Jog or Bike

Thursday 3rd December ..... BACK IN THE POOL !