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LOCKDOWN 3 - CMK Home training for P groups


Hi all swimmers in P groups,


As we have entered a new phase of no swimming we have decided to try and maintain a full zoom program members for after Christmas.


The attached schedule highlights the sessions that are available. This will be reviewed as the situation changes. Committee are due to review fees and other key aspects of the club as we find out more. However this schedule starts on Sun 27th Dec and is ongoing until further notice.


Please use this to maintain contact with coaches and to keep thinking  swimming. Hopefully this is a short time only and we are back in the pool again soon.


Links for Zooms are on the home training page, please feel free to ask any questions regarding training in this period. Swimmers should consider whether they need 3 a days. I have included this in the schedule as some do, however this isn’t for everybody. I recommend swimmers maintain a training log of the content and time of their training.  



Greg Buck

CMK Head Coach