Home Workout - January & February 2021: WEEKLY PLAN

Home Workouts

During the first lockdown, we sent out some information regarding creating a daily routine. Unlike Lockdown 2.0, school has now returned to remote learning from home. It is important to take the time each day to get outside, take in some fresh air and try and get into a routine with exercise, to keep you both physically and mentally fit during your time out of the pool.

As with Lockdown 1.0 and 2.0, we will be putting together a simple exercise routine made up of cardio training ideas, HIIT sessions for upper and lower body, Yoga and also mindfulness session ideas - to help you relax. The plans will be available below, with a short video clip for you to refer to, which will demonstrate exercises in a bit more detail, available on the WSSC YouTube and WSSC Facebook pages.

On some days we won’t necessarily follow a plan, you may just be asked to go for a run or follow a video such as a yoga class via an online link that you will be specified. Plans will be made user friendly and self-adjustable so that a wide range of our swimmers from ALL squads can get involved. Equipment requirements will be kept to a minimum as we will obviously be limited to what we have available in our own homes.

To keep content minimal and to avoid over complicating things, it is expected that you will use your normal poolside warm up routines for each home workout session. A copy of the land warm up routine can be found by clicking  HERE.

Each session should take you between 20 - 30 minutes to complete. When comparing that to the amount of time you would normally spend in the pool, we do not feel that this is a huge commitment make and therefore expect that you will push yourselves hard and make it challenging: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

The Videos for the for most workouts will be available to view via this club website, WSSC Facebook page & the WSSC YouTube Channel



Monday 4th January (Session 1) - CARDIO (RUN) - Get outside for a gentle jog or run

Tuesday 5th January DAY OFF

Wednesday 6th January (Session 2) YOGA - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 7th January (Session 3) FULL BODY WORKOUT - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 8th January (Session 4) CARDIO (BIKE) - Take in the fresh air on a bike ride outside

Saturday 9th January (Session 5) MINDFULNESS - Go for a walk outside and connect with nature

Sunday 10th January - REST DAY

Week 2 - W/C MONDAY 11th JANUARY

Monday 11th January (Session 6) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 12th January (Session 7) LOWER BODY HIIT - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 13th January (Session 8) YOGA - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 14th January (Session 9) UPPER BODY & MOBILITY -  Click HERE for printable version

Friday 15th January (Session 10) CARDIO (BIKE) - Continue building your engine with a bike ride

Saturday 16th January (Session 11) MINDFULNESS - Mindful Colouring*

*If you don't have a colouring book to hand, then print off and try one (or all) of these:

NHS - Thank You                 Sailing Ship               Fox               Dog (Easier - by numbers)

Sunday 17th January - REST DAY

Week 3 - W/C MONDAY 18th JANUARY

Monday 18th January (Session 12) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 19th January (Session 13) HIIT & ABDOMINALS - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 20th January (Session 14) YOGA- See Facbook post for YouTube link

Thursday 21st January (Session 15) CORE WORKOUT - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 22nd January (Session 16) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 23rd January (Session 17) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 24th January - REST DAY

Week 4 - W/C MONDAY 25th JANUARY

Monday 25th January (Session 18) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 26th January (Session 19) LOWER BODY & HIIT -  Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 27th January (Session 20) YOGA - See Facbook post for YouTube link

Thursday 28th January (Session 21) UPPER BODY & COMBINED HIIT - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 29th January (Session 22) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 30th January (Session 23) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 31st January - REST DAY


Monday 1st February (Session 24) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 2nd February (Session 25) CORE STRENGTH - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 3rd February (Session 26) YOGA  - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 4th February (Session 27) LOWER BODY - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 5th February (Session 28) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 6th February (Session 29) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 7th February - REST DAY


Monday 8th February (Session 30) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 9th February (Session 31) UPPER BODY - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 10th February (Session 32) YOGA  - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 11th February (Session 33) HIIT - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 12th February (Session 34) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 13th February (Session 35) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 14th February - REST DAY - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! 


Monday 15th February (Session 36) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 16th February (Session 37) FULL BODY WORKOUT - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 17th February (Session 38) YOGA  - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 18th February (Session 39) - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 19th February (Session 40) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 20th February (Session 41) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 21st February - REST DAY


Monday 22nd February (Session 42) CARDIO (RUN)

Tuesday 23rd February (Session 43) - Click HERE for printable version

Wednesday 24th February (Session 44) YOGA  - See Facebook post for YouTube link

Thursday 25th February (Session 45) - Click HERE for printable version

Friday 26th February (Session 46) CARDIO (BIKE)

Saturday 27th February (Session 47) MINDFULNESS

Sunday 28th February - REST DAY