Annual Renewal 2021

Staines Swimming Club Annual Renewal 2021

This annual renewal process and one-off payment applies to all members swimming in the four main pool fitness groups listed below which needs to be completed and paid by Sunday 31st January 2021.

The renewal process involves re-registering your swimmer via our Staines SC website (full instructions listed below) during which you will confirm all your account details and that you have read and agreed to the newly updated parent’s/carer’s code of conduct, the swimmer’s code of conduct, that you have read our recently updated Privacy Policy and that you have provided two emergency contact details. Please take time to read through these and refresh your swimmer of their expected behaviour in training and competition, both in and out of the water.

Please make sure that you have already added a secondary emergency contact name and number by signing into your account, go to ‘My Account’, scroll down to the heading ‘Medical Information’ and complete the required information for both emergency contacts. This is a requirement of Swim England and is particularly important in the current COVID -19 environment

The renewal fee is payable annually and it is inclusive of the Swim England (ASA) registration fee and the South East Region fee. It provides insurance cover for all swimmers. Payment will be taken by card during the re-registration process detailed above which must be completed and received by 31st January so that the club can comply with their submission of the Swim England’s (ASA) renewal deadline. 

Please note any swimmers who have not re-registered and paid by this date will not have their Swim England membership renewed and will therefore no longer be insured to attend their squad sessions. Insurance is essential for all swimmers.

The structure of the club annual renewal fees is shown below:

Fitness Group

Annual Renewal Fee

Fitness Group 1


Fitness Group 2


Fitness Group 3


Fitness Group 4



Card Payments

All fees are now taken via card payments.  Please could you ensure that the card registered on your account is not coming close to its expiry date, otherwise, please register a new card that relates to the account you would like your fees to be taken from.

Kind Regards

Elaine Cinquegrana


Instructions for Annual Renewal and Payment of 2021 Fee

For all swimmers currently registered under the squads listed in the table above, the following renewals and payment process can be accessed online and must be completed by Sunday 31st January:

  1. Using the link below or by going to the Staines SC website at please select the third box down titled ‘Swimmer Registration (Main pool squads)’ found on the right hand side of the home page.

  1. Please read the 2021 registration information and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Continue’


  1. Please select ‘continue’ again.


  1. Please enter the e-mail address and password you currently use to log in to your account and then select ‘Continue’. (If you have any problems logging in or you can’t remember your password and need it re-set please e-mail [email protected] for assistance)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you login at this point of the registration otherwise you will end up creating a duplicate account which will need to be cancelled and you’ll have to redo the registration.


  1. The first part of the registration asks for confirmation of the parents' account.  Please check all your details are correct and we have the most up to date contact numbers and email addresses for you. Once you have added any details missing or amended any that need updating, then select ‘Continue’.


  1. The next part of the registration is for the swimmer (member).  For all existing swimmers, tick the swimmers that you are re-registering.  Check that their details are correct and complete any amendments necessary.


  1. Then scroll down to ‘Register to this Group’ and select the squad they are in. (If you are unsure which squad your swimmer is in, please check with their coach.)


  1. You will then get to their Swim England (ASA) membership details, if they are registered. If they are please ensure the boxes that are ticked are correct. (Information under ‘Dual Recognition’ does not need completing)


  1. Please scroll down to the Parent/Carer’s Code of Conduct and take your time to read and refresh yourselves of what they are and then tick the box to confirm that you agree and have read the codes of conduct.


  1. Please scroll down to the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct and take time for your swimmer to refresh themselves of what is expected of them with regards to general behaviour and during training and competitions and then tick the box to confirm that they have read the codes of conduct.


  1. Please scroll down to the Staines Swimming Club Privacy Policy which details what personal information the club collects about its members and how the club uses it and then tick the box to confirm that you have read and agree with the policy.


  1. Please scroll down to the Emergency contacts and then tick the box to confirm that you have entered Emergency Contact Details for at least two different contacts.


  1. Please scroll down and tick the box to confirm that you have read and fully understood the Staines SC rules.


  1. Select ‘Continue’ to the next part of the registration and check the Account summary is all correct. Scroll down to Registration Fees, check your swimmer’s details are correct and select "Proceed to Checkout"


  1. If your payment card has already been registered the card details will be listed, please make sure this is still correct and is not coming close to its expiry date, otherwise you can remove it and you can add the details of a new card. If you do not have a card registered, you will need to register one and add all the required details. (Please note the card registered on the Staines SC website will also be the card that monthly fees and any competition/gala entry fees will be taken from)


  1. Please then select ‘Submit Registration’


  1. If the registration and payment has gone through the next screen should state “SUCCESS!” and confirm the value of the registration fee and the number of members you have re-registered. You will also receive a Registration receipt by e-mail. (to the same e-mail account you used to log in)


  1. Once the registration is complete and payment is processed, you'll get continued access to your own private account that will enable you to see your children's personal bests, maintain your own contact information easily and review your invoices.  


If you have any difficulties with re-registering your swimmer/s please e-mail [email protected] including your swimmers name and which squad they are in.


Don't forget to look for the app called "OnDeck" for iPhone and Android which allows you easy access to your account.