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Plans for (hopefully) last few weeks of home training


Dear all,


Please find attached the outline for what we all hope are the last few weeks of home training before a return.


*Zoom links and timings stay the same
*Fridays P zoom time changed to 5pm to support later school finsih time

*Mid week 3 a days are scaled back as most are back at school

*Individual Home Challenges will be given out on Friday nights for P groups starting 12th March, for the week ahead (providing additional content before and during Easter hols)

*There is a Challenge series night planned for Sunday 21st March. Further info to follow this will be for all grousp (P, AG, CD and Dev). There are a couple of Sundays off: 1. on Easter Sunday and 2. 11th Apr the day before starting back.


*Team meetings and further info regarding returning are likely to be on email or on  Fridays at 4pm, swimmers in CD, AG and Dev groups will be contacted by email if additional meetings are needed prior to return. Please make sure you are up to date with any requirements needed for a return to swimming.


Please maintain the excellent levels of attendance, fitness and positivity in these next few weeks. It is important swimmers now get used to a routine that they are likely to have when we return to pools. It is also important swimmers maintain strength, cardio fitness and range of movement prior to starting back in again for obvious reasons.


If you wish to speak to me or Hannah about this or any other part of the program please contact us for a 1-2-1 chat. I plan to arrange meetings for older swimmers (CD and P) on the Mondays of the Easter holidays throughout the day, a schedule will come out nearer the time.


This last period of training has been successful with some “TBC” sessions providing some flexibity and variety. I am keen to return to a more structured week now so swimmers can make sure they cover objectives they may miss using the CMK home training tab. We may still change some sessions up to make sure we arn’t getting stale.


Now is a great time to get thinking swimming again. Perhaps, watch some old footage of yourself, club or international athletes. We are expecting to build back into some competitive action with the Challenge series (in the pool!) Level X where so many were successful last time and perhaps, hopefully, by summer have some open meet competition.


Updated Schedule here - Starting Sunday.


Kind regards,

Greg Buck

CMK Head Coach