Cotswold League Final 2018

On Saturday April 28thsquads of swimmers from Cinderford, Bristol North, Cheddar, Brockworth, City of Bristol Aquatics and Wells met at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre for the B final of the Cotswold League.  As in the preceding rounds all the teams were closely matched and the swimmers and spectators were treated to another exciting evening of racing with the lead changing from one team to the other throughout the event. The Cheddar squad had some changes from the usual line up, over the course of the season several swimmers have improved so much that they are now ‘too fast’ to swim in the Cotswold League; this gave some of the other swimmers a chance to shine. Over the course of the evening the squad between them set 8 new personal best times, and achieved 32 ASA speed awards, 29 of them gold or platinum, and had ten second place and six first place finishes.

Sophie Warren, Kirsty Jenkins and Rhys Blake all achieved gold ASA standard in the Individual Medley, as did Laura Ann Marshman in the 25m Freestyle.  Finley Halford was second in the 25m Freestyle and Megan McClumpha was second in the 15 years and under 50m Backstroke. Rob Hall and Millie Warren were both second in the 100m Butterfly. The eleven years and under Medley relays and the thirteen years and under Freestyle relays were almost a dead heat between all the clubs.  The Cheddar teams of L-A Marshman, Grace Hurst, Olivia Iles, and Sophia Papasouliotis and Ewan McClumpha, Charlie and Finley Halford and Fergus Hammond (eleven years and under) and Anna Papasouliotis, Holly Cockram, Jess Ferris and M. McClumpha and Ed Hardman, F Halford, F Hammond and Max Marshman (thirteen years and under) were just pushed into fourth and fifth place.

Harry Read was second in the 15 years and under 50m Breaststroke with a new best time, while Emily Hillman achieved ASA gold standard. Lucy Slingsby and Blake both achieved platinum standard in the 100m Backstroke, with a new best time for Slingsby. Iles had a convincing win in the 25m Butterfly, in which Hammond set a new best time. The boys 15 years and under Medley relay team of Aidan Hind, Ben Killey, Read and Simon Toogood won their race with the boys Open Medley team of Blake, Killey, Hall and Will Thorne finishing in second place. There was another win for Iles in the 25m Backstroke and a new best time for E McClumpha. Hardman and Hillman both achieved ASA gold standard in the thirteen years and under 50m Butterfly in which Hardman was second. Simon Toogood was second in the 15 years and under 50m Freestyle. Ellen Lupton won the 100m Breaststroke in which Callum Pitt achieved ASA platinum standard.

Competition in the 11 years and under Freestyle relays was fierce with the Cheddar teams of L-A Marshman, Lois Brimm, S. Papasouliotis and Iles and Hammond, Sam Hutchinson, C and F Halford just being pushed into fourth. In the thirteen years and under Medley Relay M. Marshman, F. Halford, Hardman and Hammond won their race.

M Marshman and S. Warren were second and third in the 15 years and under 50m Butterfly, M. Warren was second in the 100m Freestyle. Grace Hurst and C Halford both achieved an ASA award in the 25m Breaststroke, in which Halford set a new best time.  Ferris and Hardman both achieved ASA gold standard in the thirteen years and under 50m Backstroke. The final Freestyle relays were very close with almost no difference between most of the teams. The boys (Hind, Read, Sam Easton and Toogood and Hall, Pitt, Thorne and Blake) finished in third place while the girls (S. Warren, Mimi Mendl, Hillman and M. McClumpha and M. Warren, Slingsby, Sophia Peon and Lupton) were just pushed into fifth and fourth. All the teams knew that the points were close going into the final event, the mixed canon. The team of L-A and M Marshman, F Halford, M. McClumpha, S and M Warren, Blake and Hall, cheered on by teammates and parents, put in a superb effort to win the race. 

The final result of the evening saw Cheddar in fifth place overall but with only 8 points separating four of the teams. The very next day the swimmers were in action again in the club championships. 


Photo shows most of the squad with new Head Coach Jeff Hill in the background.