Nova Swimmers in fine form at Regional Age Championships

The 50m international pool at Corby was the location for the 2018 East Midlands Regional Age Group Championships for swimmers aged 11, 12 and 13yrs during the weekend of 28th and 29th April 2018. This competition also gave selected swimmers of all ages an opportunity to swim in the 800m and 1500m distance events.

Collectively 27 of the Nova swimmers won a total of 53 individual age group medals over the weekend with 14 Gold medals, 22 Silver medals and 17 Bronze medals being secured. In addition to those 53 medal winning performances another 11 of our swimmers qualified for another 59 swims between them in age group event finals for swimmers finishing in the top 8 in their respective age group heat swims.  

The top Nova girl over this weekend was Livia Kingsland (13rs) who won 3 Gold medals, 1 Silver and 2 bronze medals during a hectic weekend of swimming with very little rest between her final swims.

The top Nova boy at this meet was Liam Dawson (13yrs) who won 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals throughout the weekend. 

Nathan Hilton stated, "What a fantastic weekend from the Nova youngsters, all swimmers, coaches & parents have been working extremely hard over the last 4 years to restore Nova as the premier performance swimming programme in the region, these results show that we are well on that path.

Overall the whole team focused on delivering high level process goals which lead to some outstanding outcomes, I would just like to congratulate all concerned and with one day of the Midland Championships to come we need one big push to finish off this year’s championship."

The below provides details of all Nova swimmers that either won a medal or a place in the age group finals over this weekend.   


Livia Kingsland (13yrs) Gold 400m Free 4.33.83, Gold 200m Butterfly 2.28.82, Gold 400m IM 5.10.61, Silver 200m Freestyle, Bronze 200m IM, Bronze 100m Buttefly, (8th 100m Freestyle Final),

Rose Dickerson (12yrs) Gold 100m Backstroke 1.14.17, Gold 50m Butterfly 31.56, Bronze 50m Backstroke, (6th 200m IM Final) (7th 50m Freestyle), (8th 200m Backstroke Final),

Kate Morris (13yrs) Gold 100m Breaststroke 1.20.84, Gold 200m Breaststroke 2.51.67, Silver 200m IM, Silver 100m Butterfly, Bronze 400m IM,  

Evie Johnson (11yrs) Gold 200m Butterfly 2.44.39, (5th 100m Butterfly Final), (8th 200m Breaststroke Final), 

Ellie Loades (12yrs) Gold 200m Breaststroke 3.04.99, (8th 100m Breaststroke),

Heidi Marriott (13yrs) Silver 200m Backstroke, (4th 100m Backstroke Final) (6th 50m Backstroke Final)

Heaven Harris-Burton (12yrs) Bronze 1500m Free, (6th 100m Breaststroke Final), (7th 50m Breaststroke Final)

Talith Oud (13rs) Bronze 50m Butterfly, (6th 100m Butterfly Final), (7th 200m Butterfly Final)

Honey Baxendale (13yrs) Bronze 200m Backstroke, (7th 100m Backstroke Final)

Imogen Spouge (15yrs) Bronze 1500m Free, 

Ziyenne Shanker (13yrs) (4th 200m Freestyle Final), (5th 100m Freestyle Final), (7th 200m IM Final), (8th 100m Butterfly Final), 

Hannah Edwards (12yrs) (4th 200m Backstroke Final)

Becky Whittaker (13yrs) (5th 200m Backstroke Final), (6th 100m Backstroke Final)

Amaia Steele (12yrs) (6th 200m Breaststroke Final), (7th 100m Breaststroke Final), 

Keira Dobbs (13yrs) (7th 200m Breaststroke Final), (8th 100m Breaststroke Final),

Francesca Ward (13yrs) (7th 200m Backstroke)

Chloe Coleman (12yrs) (8th 50m Butterfly Final)


Liam Dawson (13yrs) Gold 200m Freestyle 2.10.70, Gold 400m Freestyle 4.31.31, Gold 200m Butterfly 2.28.17, Silver 400m IM, Silver 100m Butterfly, Silver 100m Freestyle, 

Kallum Quirke (12yrs) Gold 800m Freestyle 10.37.31, Bronze 400m Freestyle, (5th 200m Freestyle Final) (DQ 200m Backstroke Final),

Oliver Silver (12yrs) Gold 200m Butterfly, (4th 100m Butterfly final), (4th 200m IM Final), 

Lewes Shorthose (12yrs) Silver 200m Freestyle, Silver 400m Freestyle, Silver 100m Freestyle, (5th 100m Backstroke Final), (5th 50m Butterfly), (6th 50m Backstroke Final), (8th 50m Freestyle Final), 

Max Davies (13yrs) Silver 200m Backstroke, Silver 800m Freestyle, Bronze 100m Backstroke, (8th 200m Freestyle Final)

Thomas Polley (12rs) Silver 100m Butterfly, Silver 800m Freestyle,

Lucas Ellis (12yrs) Silver 200m IM, Bronze 400m IM, (6th 200m Breaststroke Final), (7th 100m Breaststroke Final), (8th 50m Breaststroke Final),

Alfie Silver (12yrs) Silver 100m Backstroke, Bronze 50m Backstroke, (4th 200m Backstroke Final), (5th 200m IM Final), (6th 200m Freestyle Final), (8th 50m Butterfly Final) 

Michael Senior (13yrs) Silver 200m Breaststroke, Bronze 100m Breaststroke, (4th 50m Breaststroke Final),

Connor Byron (13yrs) Silver 200m Freestyle, Bronze 400m Freestyle, (6th 100m Freestyle Final), (8th 200m IM Final), 

Lewis Meade (13yrs) Silver 50m Backstroke, (4th 50m Butterfly Final),

Cameron Breedon (12yrs) Silver 50m Breaststroke, (5th 100m Breaststroke Final)

Matthew Woodhall (14yrs) Silver 800m Freestyle, 

Joseph Kingsland (15yrs) Silver 800m Freestyle,

Elliot Sibley (13yrs) Bronze 200m Breaststroke, (4th 100m Breaststroke Final)

Noah Rai (12yrs) Bronze 100m Butterfly, (7th 200m IM Final), (7th 100m Freestyle), (8th 200m Butterfly Final),

Kieran Howard (12yrs) Bronze 200m Butterfly, (7th 100m Butterfly final)

McKenzie Matthews (13yrs) (5th 200m Breaststroke Final), (6th 100m Breaststroke Final), (6th 50m Breaststroke Final),

Adam Read (13yrs) (6th 200m Butterfly Final), 

Tomos Beech (12yrs) (7th 50m Breaststroke Final)

Sammy Rahimzadeh (13yrs) (8th 2000m Breaststroke Final)